This is really rockbottom

Last week was rockbottom.  I know you’ve heard this before, but it was last week.  On Sunday, I found cordon blue in the freezer, which had been there for two years, but I’m sure was still good.  It was frozen, that stuff never goes bad, right?

Then Tuesday, I made hamburgers to go with the buns I’d gotten the week before and as we’re getting ready to eat, the buns are moldy.  On Wednesday, I was meeting Sunshine at a Village Inn halfway between the two of us for free pie, which isn’t exactly “free”, you have to buy something.  I was actually meeting her there to get her graduation announcements so I could mail them out.  We sat down to order free pie and the lady said, you have to buy something, but the cheapest thing is $0.99 ice cream to put with your pie so we did that.  However, it turns out I didn’t even have $3.10 to pay for it so Sunshine had to buy it.

Thursday things are looking up because I found $2 in my purse and went to the store and bought cheap buns and baked beans so we could have those leftover hamburgers and then Friday night things really started looking up.  I had plans to go to dinner with my cousin Cindi and I also have $18 in a battery return charge so I’m going to be able to afford to actually buy my dinner.  However, when I went to get my $18, they said they couldn’t give it in cash because I’d paid with a card and because my bank account was already negative, I didn’t get any money I could spend and Tenderheart had to buy my dinner.  That was rockbottom.

And I’m waiting for this insurance settlement from her July 30th car accident that has $700 of co-pays tied up and they’re taking their own sweet time getting that to me.  I finally agreed on the smallest settlement in the history of settlements and they’re actually only paying her hospital bills I haven’t paid yet and my co-pays back and nothing for Tenderheart.  I learned a very valuable lesson that insurance companies really don’t give a shit about you, they just want to pay the very least amount they can to make you go away.  If anything like that happens in the future, you can bet I’m going to get a shifty lawyer because the whole process is such a hassle.

So I call two days in a row and the adjuster doesn’t call me back and finally she calls me at 4:30 on Friday and I said I’ll accept it.  She said, Good, I can send you the release, you can sign it, and the check will go out Tuesday.  I asked if she could send it overnight and she said no.  Too bad their multi-million dollar corporation hasn’t heard of Fedex yet.  I asked again on Monday if they could overnight it or wire it because if she would have called me back when I called Thursday, the check would have gone out Friday instead of Tuesday and she said, Again, we don’t mail checks overnight.  I said, I know you don’t, but I also know you can as a courtesy and she said they don’t.  Listen, I haven’t put a pox on anyone in a really long time, but Amanda from Safeco has one now.  A pox on her house, her family, her dog, her entire life.


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