February 24, 2017

I broke my streak and didn’t make it all the way through February.  It’s fine though, it’s all good.  I almost murder/suicided Tenderheart yesterday so the fact that I lost my blog streak wasn’t really in the front of my mind.  Of course it would be my luck, I’d do the murder and not the suicide like in Bates Motel and I’d have some ‘splainin’ to do ala Norman Bates.

Three years ago I posted this:

It was a meeting for a new client and the meeting turned out to be higher than my level still, and at the end I had a coughing fit and had to leave the room early.  Then I got back to my desk and Tenderheart’s school had called and she’d been hit in the head and had a concussion.  So it was a not a personal success for me.

However, it actually was successful for my company because we landed the client and three years later we went downtown to meet the people running the show now.  My boss had met them before, but I had only interacted via email because no one from the first meeting is still there.  And the middle man is here in downtown Denver but the actual client is in New York.

So Friday I went to work in my nice clothes and my boss drove us downtown in a snowstorm in order to pay $15 in parking and walk seven blocks to attend a meeting in a cool highrise down there.  And the offices were gorgeous.  Ever since watching Working Girl, I wanted to work downtown.  Now, I don’t enjoy the logistics of it, like the traffic and the parking, but it just seems so cool to work down there.

And everyone was really  happy with our work, we worked out the kinks and I’m two degrees separated from almost every celebrity in the world because of the people I met on Friday.  So I can’t wait to play six degrees of separation with my cousin Cindi again, I’ll win every time!!


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