Safety First

My sister had a safety meeting at work the other day and she sent me this. 

I told her I’d be dead in the first wave. And listen, I’m no survivalist. I’m exhausted watching Castaway. I would have died seven minutes into that movie if I were there. I’d have died an hour before I even found Wilson. WILSON!!
I’ve seen The Walking Dead. I know I definitely don’t want to be a zombie but do I really want to be in Rick’s group?  I mean, if I’m alive, I definitely want to be in Rick’s group and not one of the fine young cannibals from Terminus, but it just seems like a lot of mindless walking. Maybe if I could hole up in a shopping mall and just hang out I’d want to live but that’s about it. 

And I’m mostly kidding because I don’t think there’s going to be a zombie apocalypse but I also hate being so far away from family in case there is. 

I remember 9/11 and I was home in bed getting ready to get the girls up for school. Only Sunshine went to school at that point and she was in first grade, but I watched the news and took her to school and it seems like the swooper was home with Moonshine and Tenderheart, but I had to go to work and they sent us home shortly after because the stock market was closed and we didn’t work again for like four days. And I hated being so far from my mom and sister, but I was with my kids and I knew everyone was safe. I hate that we’re all spread out now. 

And I know if something happened (God forbid) Moonshine would go to grandma’s and Tenderheart would come home but Sunshine is farther and I don’t know where she’d go. I’d better start working on that kit they talked about first. 


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