You Pick Color

In the spirit of Never Have I Ever yesterday, I’ve never had a manicure.  I’ve had two pedicures in my life even though I need another one desperately, but I’ve been a nail biter my whole life so I’ve never actually had a manicure.  I once worked with a woman who was going to school for nails and she told me if I could get my nails to the end of my finger tips then she could put fake nails on.  I never did.  My mom used to make me polish my nails with that bitter tasting nail polish, but I would push through.  I was also a thumbsucker until I was like 12 so I had some issues.

And even though I wasn’t able to work out every day this month like I vowed, I did surprisingly stop biting my nails for no reason whatsoever.  I’ve done it at a couple of times before and at least once when I was pregnant but I always went back to it.  Hopefully this time I’ve stopped for good.  One time grandma paid Moonshine $100 to stop biting her nails and then she started again and Sunshine and Tenderheart still talk about how she should have to give the $100 back to grandma.

Tenderheart has long nails but likes to get acrylics.   I don’t mind if it’s for special occasions like homecoming or winter formal but not for everyday.

And this may have been my most boring post of the month, expectations low but it’s the 22nd and maybe I’ve officially run out of things to talk about.  But just know that as soon as I can afford a haircut, the next thing to happen is a manicure.  Woo, dream big!


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