Snapchat Sunday

The flags by my office are super festive. 
My girl loves a snapchat filter. 

This was my favorite Valentine this week. 

Tenderheart sends me this from school almost every day. But she lost her streak with me this week. Both she and Moonshine lost it and now I only have streaks with two of Tenderheart’s friends and my cousin Cari. 

She may not kill me in my sleep but if I happen to die in the night, I have no doubt I’ll be eaten by morning. 

This always makes me feel really good to get. 

I went to see a high school production of Pippin last night. I didn’t know the story and hadn’t heard the music but they did a great job. It’s a pretty dark musical and at the end they ask for volunteers to basically come kill themselves, but you’ll be happy to know I stayed in my seat. 

We played tennis today and it was cold and windy so we didn’t stay long. Tennis season starts tomorrow. Spring sports in Colorado is always fun. 


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