I wish bad things happened to bad people

Remember that little fender bender Tenderheart got into a couple of weeks ago in the Chipotle parking lot?  The lady had nothing better to do than call the police who said if she wanted to file a police report, Tenderheart would get the ticket and my insurance would go up.  She said she was pulling forward and Tenderheart hit her, but the facts are, she didn’t see Tenderheart and Tenderheart didn’t see her; but because Tenderheart is 16 and told the police officer she didn’t see the lady, she was considered at fault.  I thought it should have been no fault, but my opinion doesn’t matter.

The police officer told the lady to get her bumper painted and send me the bill, easy peasy.  I gave her my information and prayed she’d lose it.  But that isn’t how things work in my life.  So she texted me last week to get my email so she could send me the estimate to get her bumper painted, I thought.  What she sent me was an estimate for a whole new bumper on her 2008 Nissan Pathfinder for a total of $1,131.00.  I was thinking it would be max $500, which I could do, but that was in the world where she was just getting it painted like the police officer said.  I said I was a single mom of three with two in college and she said she was also a single mom of three and had one in college.  In an alternate universe where she’s not trying to fleece me, we may have been friends.

However, she’s been such a bitch, and I told her I couldn’t afford that and she went off on how I promised to be honest and she was assured by the police officer that I would cover her expenses and I said, yeah, that’s when you were just supposed to get your bumper painted, not a whole new one on your 9 year old car.  Here’s the thing, the estimate was $1,131.00 and there was a suspicious line item that said, “Possible additional damage”.  Well, I am not up for that at all, nor am I able to even pay her the $1,131.00, but with people like that, I’m 100% sure they were going to find some additional damage.  Because if you look closely at her bumper, there was already damage.

And now I feel like she was targeting Tenderheart to just get a new bumper.  I’m serious.

So, I told her I was unable to pay that and was not going to get into a payment arrangement on “possible additional damages” that I know are bullshit so I told her I would call my insurance company to get her the information she needs to file a claim.  Sunshine backed into someone’s truck a couple of years back and they filed a claim and our insurance went up a little, but I couldn’t afford to pay for that repair either.  That’s what insurance is for even though it doesn’t ever seem to go down when you’re a good driver.

So I texted the lady today with the information and she said, I’ve already filed a claim.  I said, Perfect. Thanks.  And it could have been the end there.  She could have just left it with filing a claim with my insurance on her bullshit claim that my daughter ruined her already damaged bumper.  But, what she did instead is tell me she hopes I’m “honest going forward” and a bunch of other bullshit.  I took a deep breath as my blood was boiling and I called my mom and was in no mood for a conversation because I was furious.  I thought about it the whole way home and then included my response.

I wanted to say, How dare you?  Yeah, I am covering your damage, you grifter, but how about you stop trying to put your kid through college when I can’t even put mine through.  Because you know she’s going to come up with some more bullshit damage.  And I would say I wish  no ill will on her, but I do.  I hate people so much.  This sure feels like rock bottom.



  1. Whitney

    Karma will take care of people like her. I bet she takes the money and doesn’t get it repaired. Swing by her house in a few months and see. I hope your insurance doesn’t go up over such a small claim. Boo-hiss. Mean people suck..just like whoever stole from me last week.

    • That’s horrible! What did they steal? Some people really suck.

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