February 11, 2017 Weekly recap

I had breakfast with Tenderheart this morning. She had to be at work at 6:30 am and then she gets a break around 9 so I went up to eat with her. She was on her phone the whole time with her boyfriend I refuse to name but I still got a free breakfast out of it. 

She got glasses yesterday and now she looks even more like her sisters. I can’t wait to get the new group pic with the three of them.

This week has been one big Bates Motel binge. And when I was looking back to see if I used the same title I had yesterday, I realized just how much I’ve posted about Psycho and Norman Bates. And then I figure I’m going to run out of stories at some point and just start repeating. But again, you get what you pay for.

So I finished Bates Motel at around 1 am last night and I was floored. I finished season four and I guess season five is coming back February 20 and it’s the last one. Cue Marion Crane, you’re getting ready to get your close up. And remember when I said I was live texting my cousin Cindi all the episodes? Well guess who wasn’t available when I really needed her last night and who also woke up to about 10 texts of me freaking out about the ending.

I worked in the office this week exactly four hours and I really need to stop doing that. I’m supposed to be in three days but I enjoy working from home a lot more.

There was a basketball game Thursday that Tenderheart performed at and then I went to Old Chicago with my friend who is worried about her weird kids. And Friday night I talked to my stepmom on the phone. She needs about a three day notice on when she can talk on the phone and now I’m wondering if she’s in prison. Anyway, it was a nice conversation and I think I’m going to dog sit for her in July when she goes on vacation because the way my life works, my vacation is Phoenix in July.


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