We all go a little mad sometimes

I went for drinks with a friend tonight and she was talking about her fears on if she raised weird kids or not.  And I told her one of  my kids is the mayor of the Island of Misfit Toys.


She takes the strays who don’t have friends and makes them her community. I love that about her.

I was a weird kid.  I’m three seasons into a Bates Motel marathon and it took me back to when my cousin Cindi and I were obsessed with Psycho.  Like obsessed.  We rented all three movies (did you know there were three Psycho movies?), and we had a sleepover and watched all of them. No one has ever played creepy like Anthony Perkins.


We would talk about Psycho and even now I’m live texting her every episode of Bates Motel because she’s already seen it and I’m blown away.  It’s so true to the original Psycho.  I’ve also seen the remake with Vince Vaughn and was a fan.  Maybe I just like creepy men who have mommy issues.  Tells you a lot about my relationship history.

And taxidermy.  My goodness, what a lost art form.

My cousin Cindi and I were also obsessed with James Dean before it was cool to be a hipster.  James Dean was so cool.  We also had a movie night where we rented his three movies and watched them.  We “celebrated” his birthday and his death day.  What a couple of weirdos.  Maybe we’re just all weirdos trying to find our place on this Island of Misfit Toys.  I’m glad my daughter is the mayor so I’ll always have a place.


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