High school graduates need only apply

I dated this guy once who only had an 8th grade education.  Talk about having no value in yourself to think you can’t get someone better than an 8th grade dropout.  I should have at least valued myself at a 10th grade level.  Where were my standards?  Not only did he have an 8th grade education, but he also had an ex-wife and a two-year-old.  We met when he was 19.  What the hell was I thinking?  And my poor mother, I can’t even imagine.  I should just blanket apologize for what a mess I was during my teen years.  Oh man, I had really good hair though.  I should have at least been pulling in a high school graduate.  AT. LEAST.  Seriously, check out this hair:


When I met his family who lived in a double wide (I could not make this stuff up),  his stepdad told me I had fat ankles.  He literally said, “You have fat ankles”.  Well, thanks, William, you’re no supermodel yourself.  Can you see your belt under your belly?  Of course, I didn’t say anything like that and it just made me self-conscious every time I saw him.  Then when I went to pick my boyfriend up for prom because he certainly didn’t have his own car, his stepdad told me my dress was tucked into my pantyhose and I had to tell him that’s how it was made.


I’ve talked about this poor guy before because I found out probably 10 years ago that he died.  And we broke up in November and he was so heartbroken that he waited until February to marry someone.  They had two boys and then divorced maybe or he died while they were still married, I’m not really sure.  The kids are all grown up now and I find myself wondering what happened to him and how he died.

I think a lot of people think they can save someone.  Like I thought we could actually have a good life together somehow, I have no idea how.  He literally didn’t even have a GED, but I thought I could take care of him when I really just wanted to be taken care of.  We see how well that worked out.

Moonshine is a strong, independent woman who was raised by a strong, independent woman who was raised by a strong, independent woman.  This is hard sometimes because I think a lot of males have an instinct to take care of you.  I  know my ex left me for someone who needed to be taken care of, someone who couldn’t take care of herself.  I think ultimately you want a partnership with someone who can take care of you and you can take care of them, but I’m really no expert.

Moonshine’s ex started dating someone else and the girl is sickly.  She’s in the hospital a lot, she legitimately has something wrong with her and he thrives on that, he wanted someone to take care of.  Moonshine was way too independent for that.  I tell Tenderheart in her relationship to let him do things for her.  Sometimes she doesn’t let him open the door for her or pay for her dinner or carry her backpack, like he wants to do things for her and of course she can do those things for herself but it’s also nice to let someone else carry the load for a while, literally.

That’s the reason I would date again, for the cuddling and the load carrying.  Not too much of either though because I’m a strong, independent woman who was raised by a strong, independent woman who was raised by a strong, independent woman.


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  1. Sister Sherri

    Amazing hair…

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