February 5, 2017

Tenderheart and I played tennis today for the first time this winter. 

She’s wearing the Victoria Secret hat I said she’d never wear and I’m wearing the same sweats I wore all weekend. 

It was the first time we’d been out since Fall and I think we’ve only been out one other time since Moonshine’s been gone. We miss Moonshine. 

There’s a guy we see walking his dogs around the court and we’ve seen him for probably seven years. And every time I’m surprised he and his dog are still alive. When all four of us would go play sometimes he would just watch us. We are pretty entertaining.  And he seems like a really nice old man but he can’t seem to keep his opinion to himself about our play. Like, you need to toss the ball higher on your serve or you need to follow through or step into it. Umm, yeah, we know. But he can’t seem to stop himself. 

So today Tenderheart and I were out there and she was serving me our basket of balls and we saw the guy and his dogs and everyone seems very much alive so I said hello and made small talk about the beautiful weather and if he’d been out lately. He had knee surgery a couple of years ago so he’d been coming back slow. He said he wanted to play today but no one else did because of the super bowl. He was walking away so I said, it was nice seeing you. And he said, She needs to throw the ball further in front of her and step into it. And I said, thanks, it’s our first practice of the year so it will come back to her. But what I wanted to say was, dude, if you can get her to listen to you, good luck because she sure as heck doesn’t listen to me. 


1 Comment

  1. Sister Sherri

    Maybe he want to coach her for free!

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