August 10, 1999

My goal this year is to help Tenderheart be less dramatic.  Like, can you be less dramatic?  And I see her in her relationships and think, Good lord, she’s dramatic and then I realize I’m pretty dramatic myself.

Side note: When I’m dead and my kids are allowed to read my blog, don’t do  it all in one sitting like Oh! Canada, take it slow and read a couple a day.  And just know that no matter what I say on the day I wrote the post, I loved you very much.  Same to Oh! Canada.

And I know all teens are dramatic, but Tenderheart could seriously win an award for most dramatic teen some days.  I didn’t have the problems I have with Tenderheart with my other two and sometimes I call Sun and Moon and tell them thank you for being so uncomplicated.  And I guess they were complicated in their own way, but not like Tenderheart.  I don’t know if it’s the school she goes to because it’s different than the older two or if it’s just her personality of being the baby in the family.  I don’t know if it’s the friends she has, the poms team, the fact that she has a boyfriend, I don’t know.  Moonshine had a couple of boyfriends but she was never this dramatic about anything.  Maybe she held it all in and Tenderheart wears it on her sleeve, but some days, I seriously can’t keep up.

There will have to be more on this, but I just watched The Sixth Sense and she doesn’t see dead people so there’s a win.

Speaking of The Sixth Sense, which I wasn’t but I did literally just finish watching it, I was thinking about the time my ex and I loaded up two kids and took them to the drive-in.  Awww, remember the drive-in?  It was perfect because you paid by the car and the kids would fall asleep and you could watch a movie in peace.  I actually think Tenderheart might have been conceived at the drive-in, but that’s probably a story I won’t expand on.  So the ex and I are watching The Sixth Sense and just talking and not paying a lot of attention until the end and then it was mind blowing.  I don’t think there will ever be an ending that compares to The Sixth Sense.  But we were confused.  We were convinced that someone had spoken to him or seen him or had some sort of interaction  It was so brilliant. And listen, if you haven’t seen The Sixth Sense or at least know the twist, you’re not going to understand.  And I would have said, spoiler alert, but it came out in 1999 so you’re on your own.

Anyway, the ex and I were convinced that we had missed something so we watched the next feature, Deep Blue Sea, and then we stayed up and watched them show The Sixth Sense over again.  It was the first and only time I’ve been able to stay up for the replay of the first film.  And M Night knows his stuff because it was literally one of the best movies I’ve seen.  And he’s been chasing that twist ever since and I don’t know that you could ever beat it.  And now Unbreakable is on and I saw Split last weekend and while they were good, they can’t compare with The Sixth Sense.


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