February 2, 2017

Day two of February and I already feel like giving up.  A one day streak of working out and posting.  I did replace the battery in my car.  And when I say that I realize someone might say, how easy, but it wasn’t.  In my car the battery is in some weird compartment under the computer circuits.  In fact, the YouTube video said to be sure not to bend those cords or your computer circuits will be ruined.  Ruined, I tell you!

I took the day off and spent it at the doctor with Tenderheart.  She had an eye appointment and needs glasses for school and driving.  Then she had an appointment with her new pediatrician.  I’m sure I told you their dad changed their insurance, again, so we had to get her into a new doctor.  Luckily I gave myself an hour and 15 minutes in between appointments because her eye doctor was 30 minutes late with barely an apology.And it was early and there was no one there.

Then we went to breakfast and to get the battery, and then I went to the bank and she went to her boyfriend’s house.  I still refuse to name him but it’s been four months and he seems really nice.  She was supposed to go get him and come back to the house and then she was going to help me with the battery because I couldn’t hold the flashlight, watch the YouTube video and do everything else by myself.  I’m sure I could have figured it out but the battery kind of freaks me out and I didn’t want to electrocute myself with no one else there.

I’ve talked before how Tenderheart doesn’t have a curfew.  She has to be home when it’s over, whatever it is.  However, the condition of that is she has to tell me where she’s going and who she’s with.  She’s been a little lax on this and we’ve had to have more than one discussion on how she needs to tell me where she’s going, who she’s with, and just keep me updated on the plan.  I have Find my iPhone so I always know where she is, but it’s really just a courtesy.  For instance, winter formal when she went to dinner and the dance and I went to the movie.  After the movie I should have had a text that said, Going to Village Inn with blank and blank and I’ll be home after.  That would have been considerate.  Tenderheart is my own personal Groundhog Day.


Anyway, Tenderheart had something tonight at her college program and they gave them a new planner and walked them through using it and some time management skills and after that she came home and I made her help me with the battery.  And I feel so accomplished now that it’s done and I don’t need to worry about going out and it being dead like I have for the past two months.  Now if I could just afford some new tires.


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