January 27, 2017

This is not rockbottom!  This is Christy Doolittle Day!

First, it started with my office mate calling me Thursday on my way in to work to see if I was going in to work.  I was at the bank and was on my way in and asked who was looking for me.  They just sold my company so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going in to an ambush.  She said, “Oh, you’ll see later.”  Yeah, I hate you.  Second, when I got to work, there was nothing going on.  She messaged me and said, Oh, you’ll have to see tomorrow.  So here are a few things that went through my head, Laid off, signing bonus, fired, severance, all bad things except signing bonus, but that’s not really how my life goes.

I completely forgot what she’d told me and I decided to work from home on Friday and I got an email that there were donuts and bagels.  Dang it, I hate when I stay home and there’s free food.  Then we got an email that someone else brought in Krispy Kremes.  Well, I’m missing free food all over the place.  Is this what my office  mate was talking about? Nope, I then got another email that it’s Christy Doolittle Day, which happens to coincide with National Chocolate Cake Day.

My company does this thing where they get some fun facts about you from I think your Facebook page and then put it together with some sort of weird “national day” and remember when I said on January 1st I was heavier than ever before?  Well, it tells you something that someone thought my day should be on National Chocolate Cake Day.  Our Office Manager’s day was on National Working Out Day.  You didn’t see my name anywhere near that

Here’s the Power Point they made for me:  Christy Doolittle Day!!

Apparently my office mate contacted Sunshine to find out some “fun facts” because she said she didn’t want mine “ruined” like hers was.  “Ruined”?  Good lord, how could it be ruined, it’s a made up day?  So Tenderheart told them some things and they got some pics off Facebook, which is terrifying and front and center is a pic of me and my BFF, Heather holla! and don’t we make a handsome couple?  I’m sure that’s what my whole office thinks, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but remember my coworker Josh, who I’m in love with?  Well, that’s definitely not happening now. I told Heather holla! she was going to have to go to all my company functions with me.

They brought in three chocolate cakes and I got a bunch of congrats on my made up holiday that I wasn’t even there for and then about two hours later we get another email that says it’s Dan Nobody’s Day!! What the actual hell?  Apparently it was also National Lego Day so freaking Dan got a day too and they shoved it in with mine.  Well, no one was passing out free legos so it’s a good thing I stayed home.  My blood sugar also thanked me after that buffet they had spread out all day.



  1. Whitney


    Hope all goes well with the company being sold. You are amazing Christy. Keep your head up.

  2. Sister Sherri

    That’s an amzingly cool thing for your work to do. I cannot believe you missed it!!!

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