January 26, 2017

This might be it, rockbottom.  It doesn’t start out like that.  I went to the bank and although my account was lower than I thought, I was able to pay rent and car insurance so, score.  Then I got to work and this really nice man who I don’t actually know gave me some peppermint hot chocolate.  I mean, it was disgusting, but it was really the thought that counts.

Remember when our receptionist, who’s quite possibly the rudest person on the planet, told me, “you must sure love hot chocolate“.  It doesn’t look bad there but it was really condescending like I come in three days a week just to drink all their hot chocolate.  I told her I come in three days a week and have one cup a day so that’s at least three a week.  I can’t be the only one.  Anyway, I hope our new company is able to splurge on it since our current company can only afford to buy every single flavor of Keurig coffee and no hot chocolate.

Last week Tenderheart dropped her phone in the dogs’ water bowl.  I’d like to say it was the first time she’s done that, but she did that with her last phone too.  She got it out of the bowl and we put it in rice and it seems fine, but at this point I don’t care if it’s fine or not, she’s only had it 7 months.  So we dried it out, and I made her put it in a water proof case, which I got off Amazon for $4.99 so I’m sure it’s stellar.  The one and only problem with it being in a waterproof case is that I can’t hear her sometimes when she calls me.  If she has her headphones in, it’s good, but if she doesn’t I sometimes don’t hear her very well.  For instance, when she called me on this day to tell me she hit someone’s car in the parking lot of Chipotle.  I yelled, What?? And she had to repeat it a couple of times.

Yes, my little Tenderheart who was just rear-ended last July and hates driving anyway was backing out of her parking space at Chipotle and hit someone else who was backing out.  Neither one of them saw the other one.  However, because my girl is only 16 and that lady had nothing but time on her hands, she wanted to call the police instead of just exchanging information.  What happened when the policeman came out was he said, Why didn’t you just exchange information?  And I said, great idea.

Wait, why was I there in the middle of the day?  Well, Tenderheart was really upset and didn’t understand why the lady was calling the police and I looked online and the police website says very clearly if there’s no injury or alcohol involved then you can just fill out an online accident report and exchange information.  So I left work and ran over to where they were and the police were just getting there.  The lady said she had backed out and was going forward when Tenderheart just hit  her, which I questioned because if she was moving forward then how could Tenderheart have hit her, but the policeman said if I had any dispute he’d fill out the report and give Tenderheart a ticket and my insurance would skyrocket, so I put away my CSI kit and kept quiet.

When he asked the lady why she didn’t just exchange information, she said she wanted some “assurances” that our story wasn’t going to change.  He said, We all look like honest people here and  my advice is to get your bumper fixed, call her with the bill, and keep it off the insurance unless she just wanted my daughter to get a ticket and then the only person she’d be punishing is me.  Although, in all honesty, there was very little damage to her bumper but I’m sure she’ll get a whole new one for her 10-year-old Pathfinder and if it’s anything other than $5 I’ll have to put it through my insurance company anyway.

Then Tenderheart went back to school to a math test she was missing because she’d had to wait for the police and she called me when she got there and was crying.  And I was crying too.  And I know there was no damage and no one was hurt, but come on.  I told her not to cry because she was fine and everything was going to be okay and she asked, then why are you crying? And I just said it’s too much.  It’s all too much sometimes.


And as I was thinking about the fact that I went over to Tenderheart’s car accident to help her, I was remembering when I got a call from my then-husband that he had gotten in a car accident.  Not only had he gotten into a car accident but he went through someone’s backyard because he wasn’t paying attention.  Actually, he ran a red light and drove through someone’s camper and then into someone’s backyard.  He seriously wasn’t paying attention.  I remember standing there watching that poor family pick up all their belongings from their camper that looked like it had exploded.  There were clothes everywhere, food, I remember seeing a watermelon, it was horrifying.  I don’t think I felt the weight of how bad that was because I was worried about if my now ex was injured or not.  UnFortunately he wasn’t.

Here’s the part that stuck with me: his cousin Melanie showed up to make sure he was okay and I thought that was so strange.  Like what was she doing there?  I even said, what’s Melanie doing here?  She never came over to me to say anything and it was odd. And he said, she’s family, she wanted to make sure I was okay.  He even said, wouldn’t you go make sure your cousin was okay after a car accident?  And I said, I wouldn’t go to the scene of the accident.  Sorry, Cousin Cindi/Cari. It was just so odd.  And basically, long story short, I was standing there holding my two-year-old looking like a fool.  Maybe that was rockbottom because this day is definitely better than that day.



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