January 9, 2017

Maybe every blog I write this year will end with, Is this rockbottom?  Good lord, I have to be in subterranean hell at some point.

Tenderheart doesn’t like to drive since her accident in July, which hasn’t been settled yet in case you were wondering.  I had to stop her PT because she got a new insurance at the beginning of this year and instead of paying $55 every visit, it was going to be $80.  See my January 1, 2017 post on why that wouldn’t work for me.

And I try not to take her to her work because it’s enabling her and she’s going to have to drive places by herself and she needs to just do it.  So one Monday she talked me into taking her to work and picking her up at 10.  Moonshine was here and was going to go with me so she could get some ice cream.

The people across the street from us are drug dealers.  I know they are.  And I’m not even sure what they sell because pot is legal here, but I think they sell pot to teens.  There are a ton of teens that come in and out of the house and the mom is so freaking loud and erratic.  One day after school a ton of teens drove up like they do almost every day and she started yelling at everyone to get the eff off her street.  Another day she was talking to this couple on the street and announced that her husband or guy that lives there had “put his  hands on her and her mother”. He yelled from the door some expletives and then they got into it.  She is trashy with a capital T.  The other day she announced, “If you didn’t come from my p*ssy, you are evicted.”  I have to admit, that one made me laugh.

OMG, one night Tenderheart and I are just sitting on the couch and I look out and there’s a fire truck in front of the house and a teen who Tenderheart knows is being checked out by the paramedics.  His shirt is ripped and he’s crying while sitting on our curb.  We went to Moonshine’s room and cracked the window so we could hear what was going on and the mom yelled, “He was just crying in his car and some asshole called 911.  I guess you can’t cry in your car anymore!!”  Well, it’s a sad day in America when you can’t just cry in your car, but I generally pull it into the garage before I get started.

Back to Monday, January 9th, Moonshine and I get in my car in the garage and she’s giving me the speech about enabling Tenderheart and I start slowly backing down my driveway because there are always people back there so I go really slow especially at night.  It’s 10 at night and it’s dark and I get to the end of my driveway and I hit something.  It’s a car.  Someone has parked their black car across my driveway blocking me from getting out.I think my bumper hit their hub cap but I couldn’t see any damage on their car or mine, see my January 17th post for more on that. 

I jumped out of the car to see if there was damage and some dumbass is just standing on the porch over there.  He didn’t try and get my attention, he didn’t come running, he just stood there and watched while I hit someone’s car.  I yelled, Do you know whose car this is? And he said, Uhhhh, yeah, let me get him.  What. The. Truck?  Are you freaking kidding me?  What kind of morons are living over there?

The guy ran out apologizing profusely and Moonshine told him we didn’t hit his car and he said he couldn’t even tell it was a driveway.  Yes, I guess when you’re super busy trying to get your drugs, you don’t pay attention to the small things.


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