January 17, 2017

I’m probably  not going to date all these for the whole year, but maybe I will.  Your guess is as good as mine what goes through my head.  So on Tuesday the 17th, I went to Discount Tire to get my failing tire fixed.  When I got there he told me there was a nail in it and they almost weren’t worth fixing, but I told him he needed to do what he could do because I had zero money already after getting caught up on everything and I wouldn’t be able to fit tires in until at least February…at least.

I’m sitting there waiting and I think I was talking to Moonshine on the phone because she was back at college after winter break and her roommate moved out.  Most people might like to have a whole room to themselves or get another roommate, but Moonshine would not be one of those people.  She is not a fan of change and she really liked her roommate.  But her roommate was local and went home every weekend and decided to go to the community college and live at home.  Moonshine, however, was really upset.  So I’m at Discount Tire, chatting with Moonshine, which I never do in public.  I see them start to pull my car out so I hung up and another lady in the lobby yelled out, Stupid Mother Trucker!!  Except she didn’t say “trucker”.  The manager said, what’s wrong? And she said, “your asshole employee just hit my car with that silver one!”.  Oh crap, I’m “that silver one”.

And I saw him back out really fast and stop on a dime, but I didn’t realize he’d stopped because he’d hit someone’s car behind him.  She was fired up.  And I should have been fired up but my car is like 9 years old and I couldn’t see new damage on my back bumper if you circled it in sharpie.

So she ran out and I had an entire dialogue in my head on if I should storm over there or wait for him to bring me my car.  I waited, she stormed.  She came back and I asked if she had any damage and she fumed that she had.  He pulled my car up and said there’s no damage to your car and showed me my back bumper and I pretended to be interested and then the manager yelled at the rest of the employees that they shouldn’t be wandering around laughing or they were going to get their asses fired.  Yikes, that’s my cue to leave.  And I did, but I’ll bet she got new tires.

Wait, is this rockbottom?



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  1. Whitney

    OMG girl. Positive energy being sent your way. Hugs

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