January 10, 2017

So, you know how I thought January 1, 2017 was rockbottom?  Welcome to January 10th!  I get paid today so you think it’s going to be a good day.  We all go out to take Tenderheart and her friend to perform at their basketball game.  It’s the one game Moonshine is going to get to see so she’s excited.  And there’s a POMs meeting before so I might be able to get out of paying $5/a piece because I didn’t have time to go get cash.

I pull out of the garage and my tire is flat.  I know it has a leak because earlier in the month I went out to fill it up and my air compressor broke.  I drive to the gas station to fill it up and  then pull around to get gas because it’s literally the first time I’ve driven my car all year because I couldn’t afford gas.  After I fill it up with gas it won’t start because the battery has died.  Great.  Is this rockbottom??  No, because I have money for gas so I’m maybe one level up.  We call one of Tenderheart’s friends to come get Moonshine to go get her car and battery cables to jump it and then we go home, switch cars, and go to dinner before the game.

Car problems are my Achilles heal.  I don’t know enough about it, everything is so expensive, and I just feel helpless when something is wrong with my car.

But we got to the game, didn’t have to pay $10 to get me and Moonshine in and we made it home safely.  So I know this isn’t rockbottom. Things might be looking up!


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