They’re not talking about ice cream

My blog blew up around Thanksgiving.  Someone went back and read just about everything I’d ever written.  Thanks, mom!

What I’ve been doing lately is sitting down and writing two or three posts at a time and scheduling them to post at a later date.  I wish I was clever or busy enough to post about my day, but I can’t even manage to snapchat every day.  If I did post every day, some of them would look like this:  Ummm, set my alarm for 6:30 am and I woke Tenderheart up, then I went back to sleep for an hour and a half and walked upstairs to make hot chocolate.  I signed on to my work computer and either binge-watched Gilmore Girls or cleaned my DVR until lunch time.  I found something in the kitchen to eat and then watched Judge Judy, while I figured out dinner for when Tenderheart gets home at 7 pm.

Wow, my readership would go up ten-fold with that kind of excitement.  My days in the office aren’t that much more exciting except, I don’t think I’ve told you about the guy at work who got fired.  He was the one who said he’d rather  have a warm body than be alone, but his girlfriend stole his couch and his car.  He was the functioning alcoholic who shook from withdrawals and I think they’d been trying to get rid of him for a while so when he called someone else at work a bad name, it didn’t take much for them to let him go.  He obviously had some other stuff working against him because he was gone that day.

And while I was waiting for this to post I heard from one of my independent contractors. I have several ICs who do transcription work for me and there’s this one guy I use as an overflow when we’re swamped, which we are now. I’ve never actually met any of these people but they all work from their respective homes and everything is done via email. I learn little things about them as some of them have worked for me for years. 

This newest guy, Randy, however is really interesting. He’s over 60 and has a 37 year old daughter and 10 year old son. And he does transcription work for XXX videos, however, he told me some of them were just XX5. So he literally watches porn and types up the dialogue for closed captions. What the heck. How is that even a thing? It’s not for our company but he can do whatever he wants because he’s independent. 

We did have a series of videos come through a few years ago called “beyond vanilla”. That was our closest foret into porn.  And a few weeks after that one of my ICs sent back a file and said she couldn’t work on subject matter like that file anymore. I thought it was the Beyond Vanilla stuff but it turned out it was some kind of community meeting where they were encouraging people to stand up against their government. So this lady would be happy with beyond vanilla but not a revolution. People are interesting. 



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