A memory just 23 short years ago 

December 10, 1993 I got married. We drove to the courthouse and I knew walking in I shouldn’t be doing it. I knew standing in front of the judge I didn’t want to marry that guy. But I’d called my dad out of his Christmas party and we got all our parents down there so I didn’t think I could back out. Of course I should have and I know I could have but I somehow thought he could be the guy I wanted.

Sunshine is going through her first relationship and it’s hard to watch. It’s hard to watch my children go through the heartache that comes with relationships. She and her beau, whom I refuse to name are not on the same page and don’t have the same definition of what a relationship should be yet. They’ll figure it out but it’s hard to watch. I’ve been there. And my relationship was so bad I decided I never wanted another one. Well, that and cheesecake. Mmmmmmm….

And as I’m sitting here in an abandoned parking lot on a Saturday night waiting for my youngest and her boyfriend to come out from the zoo on their group date with two other couples, it strikes me what a disservice I did to my kids by not dating. I obviously didn’t make marriage or having kids look that fun because my older two don’t want any part of that so maybe I would have made dating look so bad they wouldn’t want to do that either.


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