My Christmas angel is queen of the world!

Tenderheart and I decorated the tree this year…sort of.  We got bored after a few minutes so we only put a few ornaments on, made some awwww noises about how cute the baby ones are and then we packed everything else up and are taking it back to the garage.  Listen, people who don’t live here, you get what you pay for.  We even had one of Tenderheart’s friends come over after school and she put a little bit more up, but we’re just having a little trouble getting into the spirit and now our tree is leaning and neither one of us care enough to figure it out.  Just imagine our angel at the top is Rose leaning over the front of the Titanic.  She’s queen of the world!!

Tenderheart has this friend who I really like most of the time, occasionally she brings a little drama, which I could do without.  I sit with her mom at basketball/football games.  And I really want to tell this story, but I don’t know how far-reaching my blog is.  Let me just say, I have a friend of a friend… or how about, when I was a teen…  wait, there were no camera phones when I was a teen.  Let me get back to that story and tell you this one…

Tenderheart has this friend who gets really mad when Tenderheart spends time with her boyfriend instead of spending time with her.  Hold on, I think I’ve named this girl before.  Okay, so Tenderheart invited her boyfriend to the basketball game the other night and right after they performed at halftime they brought their stuff up and Annah wanted Tenderheart to go get food with her.

Well, Tenderheart wanted to go say hi to her boyfriend, who I refuse to name yet, so she walked over to where he was sitting with a friend and thanked him for coming and sat down with him for a minute.  Annah stood with me and her mom but she was fuming.  Annah’s mom has talked to me about this before and she told Annah to calm down and stop making Tenderheart feel bad for wanting to hang out with her boyfriend, but she was mad and just walked off without her.

Tenderheart jumped up and ran after her and after they came back I told her boyfriend to come over to where the rest of the POMs girls were sitting to sit with Tenderheart.  He knows her well because he walked over and said, What does she want, she won’t use her words.  Ha!  He might be around a while. Although we still need Moonshine to tell us if he’s a good guy.  We stayed until the end of the game with Tenderheart sitting next to Annah and in front of her boyfriend splitting her time to make sure Annah didn’t get mad.


So Annah’s mom and I were a few rows up chatting and she said Annah’s just jealous because Tenderheart’s had “so many boyfriends”.  And I said, Hold up a minute, lady, she’s had two.  And I puffed up and got really protective and felt like I needed to give this lady a full rundown of Tenderheart’s dating history, which she already knows.  It was so strange.  One, because I’ve taught my girls so strongly that they have to protect their reputation.  And two, Tenderheart’s literally had two boyfriends.  The first one she dated for 14 months during the end of freshman/beginning of sophomore year, and nine months later, this guy who’s been around for four months.  It’s not like Tenderheart’s some kind of heartbreaker or someone who gets around.  The mom backtracked quickly and said, Well, Annah hasn’t had a boyfriend at all so that’s a lot to her.

It’s just unfortunate how girls are still treated about relationships compared with boys.  A boy who dates a lot is still considered a stud, but a girl who does it is a hoe.  And there were boys who wouldn’t talk to Tenderheart after her last boyfriend broke up with her because of who she had been dating.  And the only thing these girls can do is protect their reputation.  Don’t send nudes, don’t have sex in the parking lot at school, don’t let some random feel up your butt, don’t publicly cheat, these are all things that other girls at her school have done and I somehow know about, and now they have bad reputations and no one of any quality will date them.  The term is Eff boys and believe me when I say, they are everywhere.  It’s a different time.



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