Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead

So I’ve written the one political blog of my life and now I’m moving on, or back to the crap I normally write about, which is whatever’s in my head.

Tenderheart deals with some anxiety and ever since her car accident, she doesn’t like driving at all. Over the summer she was driving everywhere and very confidently, but after that guy rear ended her, she hasn’t been the same.  When she drives home at night after work, she calls me when she leaves the store and then puts me in the passenger seat on speaker so I can “drive home” with her.  She does that when she has to go to her college program after school if she isn’t taking people.

I don’t mind it because I like talking to her and hearing about her day and I feel better when I’m in the car with her.  She’s not holding the phone or looking at it, I’m just sitting on the seat next to her.  Before we get to that, I have to go back a little.

As you know and I vaguely remember, when you date someone, you find out some very personal things about them.  They tell you about their family, their life, basically everything.  When you break up with that person he or she just has all your secrets.  And it’s up to them what they do with them.  When Tenderheart’s boyfriend broke up with her in January, he told people quite a few of her secrets.  It was heartbreaking for her on top of the heartbreak she was already feeling.  And every day she goes into that school with her head high and comes out with her dignity, I consider it a win.  And I told her to take the high road.  I might have been the originator of the “If they go low, we go high”, or some version not quite as eloquent.

So when he was telling everyone her business, she wasn’t saying anything and when people would ask her things, she would tell them to go ask him because she was through talking about it.  That has even carried over into this school year because people just can’t seem to let it go even though she’s dating a seemingly nice boy.  We need Moonshine to come back and meet him so we’ll know if he’s really a good guy.  She can spot a dead-eyed jackass better than anyone in our family.  

For nine months, there’s Tenderheart refusing to answer questions about her ex and just going on with her life.  Today, as I was “driving home” with her, she told me his new girlfriend had told everyone some very personal information about him.  Some embarrassing things you wouldn’t want anyone to know.  And that’s his current girlfriend.  I’ll remind you though, she’s the girl last year at homecoming that got in trouble for making out with her boyfriend all night and Tenderheart’s boyfriend at the time called her a hoe.  That’s his current girlfriend and the keeper of his secrets, who apparently can’t keep secrets.

The point of this story is be careful who you tell all your secrets because some hoes ain’t loyal.


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