Take Some Advice from Motley Crue

Tenderheart has been talking to a new boy.  FINALLY, I said.  She had some randoms sniffing around right after her breakup, but she just wasn’t ready.  But now, she’s finally over her old boy and it only took eight months.  He broke her heart in January and she’s slowly been putting herself back together.  Right before school started he texted that he wanted to be friends and she said, no thanks.  She told him she’d be civil but she wasn’t ready to be friends with him.  And she has no obligation to be friends with him.  They weren’t friends before and he said awful things about her after they broke up, so where would the benefit be for her to be friends with him?

So a little over a month ago, Tenderheart sat with the new beau in the lunchroom, and it’s still early so I probably won’t give him a name yet, but it was the first time they were sitting together in the lunchroom.  Everyone else was going about their business, but her ex walked in and was looking around and did a double take when he saw them together and then looked her right in the eye and sat down at the same table.  Why?  Do you know how big that lunchroom is?  You don’t, but it’s huge.  Turns out Tenderheart and the new boy were sitting at a table of the ex’s old friends who aren’t friends with him anymore, and then the ex tweeted something about all the snakes in the lunchroom.

Dude, don’t go away mad, just go away.  And you have no reason to be mad at her or pull that crap.  He broke up with her and then dated someone right away who he’d already been talking to.  And thanks to Facebook memories I get to see the beginning of the end of their relationship, which happened around this time last year and I can see the sadness in her eyes.  She was broken down by his controlling nature, but trying to stay because she thought that’s what people did and she loved him.  He led her on an additional three months before finally breaking it off for good.

Around homecoming this year he started telling his friends he was going to ask her as a joke.  Hilarious.  He obviously doesn’t know how much damage he did, maybe he can’t see it in her eyes like I can.

Between when I started this post and now, Tenderheart has been officially dating her new beau with no name for three weeks and her ex is dating a girl who he called a hoe at last year’s homecoming dance because all she did all night was get in trouble for making out with her boyfriend in the back of the gym. When he walks by Tenderheart with his new girlfriend, he pretends to push her into Tenderheart.  I literally want to tell him to grow up and stop being so petty, but I’ve stayed out of all of it.  And seriously, every day Tenderheart goes to that school and keeps her head up and makes it out with her dignity is a win for her.  I’m so proud of her.  Being a teen is hard.



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