Coward of the County

What kind of person are you?  Are you a good person?  Do you stand up for the little guy or are you a coward?  I proved tonight I’m a coward.  I don’t stand up for anything.  This woman said something so offensive at the football game tonight and I know her, she’s mostly funny, but tonight she was just offensive.  And I didn’t sit there and laugh like the woman next to me did, but I also didn’t say anything.

Why?  Did I fear retribution for my daughter because her daughter is one of the “popular” girls?  I’m just a coward.  I talked to Tenderheart about it on the way home and told her how wrong that woman was, but then I came home and cried because I knew I should have said something.  I should have said anything.  What if I was part of the group she was making fun of instead of sitting near her probably looking guilty by association?  In my past encounters with this mom, she has mostly just been loud and semi-funny, but tonight she was just rude and offensive.  And I’m not saying I haven’t said offensive things, but I don’t yell them at football games surrounded by high schoolers.  And if I did, my daughter would kill me.

This mom was also barking at one of the cheerleaders who she thinks stole another girl’s boyfriend.  This is a grown-ass woman doing that to children.  This is how bullies are raised.  And by not saying anything and by being in her vicinity, I’m just as guilty and a coward.


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  1. Whitney

    Wow. What a position to be in. I’m sure it was uncomfortable. I think if she was behaving as such publicly, I would’ve been quiet as well. Why start up more issues. Sounds like it needs to be addressed . I hate bullies!!! Maybe an anonymous letter to her via usps?

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