Our New New Normal

Every Saturday after Moonshine would get off work, she’d call me on her way home.  I’d say, Hey babe, and she’d say, Hi momma!  I could tell by her greeting the kind of day she’d had just in the way she’d say it.  When she moved to college and she’d call, I’d say, Hey babe and just prayed there’d be a Hi momma!  There wasn’t.  She’s had a really hard time, as I’ve said.

And then she made a friend, Paige.  She got a job with the Room and Board program and so did this girl who she would walk to training with.  She’s from Oklahoma but lives a couple hours away so she doesn’t have a lot of friends there either.  And it turns out the girl across the hall is from Colorado and works at the same place Moonshine does.  So some things started going right for her and the week after she moved in, everyone else moved in and they had a ton of welcome events.

And then it happened, it was Saturday, 10 days after she moved in and she posted on her Facebook that she had an amazing day with Paige and when she called, I said, hey babe and she said, Hi momma!  And I was so happy, I almost started crying.  Ten days is how long it took her to get back to Hi momma!  To get back to herself.

Then this week was my mom’s birthday and we don’t get to celebrate those unless she’s up here but my sister went and got Moonshine and took her to my uncle’s for the party and she was so happy.

She loves living that close to family and I’m so thankful they’re able to be close.  But as Moonshine gets better, I feel worse.  I miss her so much I can’t even stand it.  And I’m not saying it’s not a party here with Tenderheart, but I miss being able to talk to her and hug her.  She’s my cuddliest baby and I just miss her.  Not that I’d want her to move home and never leave, but….no, I definitely wouldn’t want that, but I felt this way after Sunshine left too.  And then we got to our new normal with Moonshine, Tenderheart, and me; but now we’re trying to get to our new new normal with just me and Tenderheart and it’s been tough.  Tenderheart’s gone all the time and doesn’t help with the chores and Moonshine was my most helpful child.

We’ll get there, I’m sure, but it’s been a journey just to get here.


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