The Big Move part 2

I miss Moonshine.  I’m too far away, I can’t help her like I want, and I’m not close enough to make sure she’s okay.  She’s cried almost every night and gets homesick during the day.

My sister said I shouldn’t make them like me so much and then they’ll have an easier time leaving.  I’m working on Tenderheart and I may have her hating me by the time she leaves for college.

On the Friday after Moonshine moved in on that Wednesday, Sunshine, Grandma and I went to lunch at our favorite place, Ted’s Escondido.  They have the most amazing queso and homemade tortillas.  Then we went to the bookstore so I could get a University of Oklahoma Mom shirt, yes, i’m that person, and Moonshine got out of training early so I told her to meet us at the bookstore.  She moved in early because she had training for her job and she didn’t have a roommate yet so she was lonely.  I had already told her on the phone that I wasn’t taking her anywhere because she needed to stay on campus and have dinner and make friends.

So Moonshine met us at the bookstore and I ran over to her and hugged her so tight and I jokingly whispered in her ear, Let’s just pack up and get out of here.  I stepped back and she was bawling.  The first thing to know about Moonshine is she’s not a cryer and she’s definitely not a cryer in public.  I said, let’s go.  And she said, you told me I couldn’t  leave.  And I said, that’s before I realized you were a mess.  I told her she could come with us to get snowcones and hang out at grandma’s and then I’d bring her back for dinner.  She said it was overwhelming and she didn’t think she’d miss me as much as she does.  I don’t know how to help her.

When she went back to grandma’s and said good bye to our dog Molly, she was crying hysterically.  I took her back to her dorm and she was crying, I went back later that night and she was crying and then I had to leave for the last time before I came back to Colorado, and we were both bawling.  She’s had a tough time.  I don’t know why I don’t hear more people sharing that their kids are having a hard time leaving for college.  It can’t just be Moonshine.  Although my sister told me about some friends she has and their kids had a hard time too, so maybe everyone just isn’t as open as our family.  Sunshine said she cried for like three weeks and she was only an hour away.  That broke my heart.  Why does this have to be so hard?

And it’s hard to watch her having a hard time.  Her roommate moved in and isn’t very friendly and has already gone home for the weekend.  She was there one day.  Moonshine thought she was going to move in and be best friends immediately and she found out her roommate is going home every weekend.  That’s no college experience, in my opinion.  But Moonshine’s met some nice people, I just need her to be okay sooner so it doesn’t break my  heart every single day she’s not okay.

And my family needs a Moonshine cam ala the Truman Show so we can see what she’s doing.  I do have a tracker on her phone so I could see she wasn’t still in her dorm room and I saw she was at the club fair, baby steps.



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