The Big Move

I almost live blogged Moonshine’s move to college last week similar to how I did the DMV the day before, but there was so much going on, I just couldn’t manage it.  And at the end of the DMV post, I should have gone back to post that 2.5 hours later, they told me I didn’t have what I needed.  Actually I had what I needed, but apparently Colorado rules are just slightly different from Texas rules and Colorado doesn’t budge.  Even after 2.5 excruciating hours and a customer almost in tears (me).

See, Monday was stressful enough, we still had to pack the car and get Moonshine moved to college. But I also had to get Tenderheart and Lola packed to spend the week with my best friend, Heather holla! because it was Tenderheart’s first week of school and she couldn’t come with us.  And Moonshine was MIA because she was saying good-bye to Beaux, even though they had broken up, and nothing was ready or organized.  We  had to get the suitcases in her trunk so we could put the bike on so we could get the rest of her car and my car packed.  It was already a clustertruck, so I didn’t need the DMV crap.  I left there after 2.5 hours without a car registration and told my sister situations like that are why I don’t conceal carry.  That may have been dramatic, but it was all so ridiculous, a stamped name instead of printed and a signature instead of printed, just bullshit that makes people hate the DMV even more than they already do.

But everything worked out in the way of the move, I still have to deal with the DMV.  We got her car packed, my car packed, she threw everything she owned into the last few boxes and away we went like the family from The Beverly Hillbillies.  All we were missing was Granny on the back of the truck.

And then she was sick.  She’d started getting sick the Thursday before and by Saturday she had terrible puss pockets on her tonsils so I said, it’s strep.  I took her to Urgent Care because we were leaving Tuesday and I needed to get her on the antibiotics quickly.  Of course the strep test came back negative and the antibiotics didn’t work and her tonsils got even more disgusting and it seems like it was a virus.  So on move-in day, she was miserable.  It was already going to be hard to leave her, but how could I leave her on death’s door?  She had no voice, she was lethargic, she wasn’t doing anything in the way of helping unpack.  I was starting to fear she had mono.  Luckily, she didn’t.

Oklahoma had move-in figured out though.  I pulled up my car, they put my boxes in other boxes on wheels and took everything up for us.  When we moved Sunshine to her dorm, it was on the third floor, no elevator, and no air conditioning.  It took us about five seconds to realize she needed a great big fan and I sweated buckets that day.  It was miserable.  Moonshine’s move was actually enjoyable.  We waited in the nice air conditioned room for her boxes and then started unpacking.  There were five us in there but only four working because she was not feeling good at all.  I kept saying if she’d been feeling better she would have been so bossy about where all her stuff was going.  She couldn’t have cared less and is still probably trying to find things.  But the good thing is she’s feeling better.  She’s crazy homesick and really sad, but at least her health is better.  I left Saturday, but I didn’t know what I was going to do if I didn’t feel like she was getting better.

to be continued….



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