Maybe ignorance really is bliss

I’ve had a little blog break.  It’s fine, I’m fine, but I still have a lot to say, I just really haven’t had a lot of time.  My sister, who says she reads my blog with her coffee said she’s moved on to the “Pie Lady” so that’s another win for June. Not only does she have a cooler life, now she has my sister.  Enjoy.

Last week was jam-packed with back to school activities.  There was the dentist, hair cuts and colors, Moonshine breaking up with Beaux, and one last day at the swimming pool.

When I was a kid my mom would get us a season pass to Tempo Pool.  I just said the name because it’s not even there anymore, but it used to be our neighborhood pool. It’s where the high school football coach, Coach Rose taught me how to swim and I think we were signed up for swimming lessons every summer because it was probably cheaper than a babysitter.  We would go and take sandwiches and make a whole day of it.  This is one of the reasons my face was super red and my hair was super blonde when I was younger. Anyone heard of sunscreen?

One day my sister and I were riding our 10-speed bikes to the pool and I was probably going to be in the 4th grade because that’s when my sister was deemed old enough to watch me.  I was wearing flip flops and on the way, my foot slipped off my pedal and into the spokes of my front wheel.  Think about that for a minute.  It was terrifying.  I thought I was going to die, the bike stopped because my foot was in the spoke and I must have gone over the top.  I was screaming when I landed because my knees were bloody and my foot was stuck in the spokes of my wheel.  The people who owned the lawn I crashed on came out and asked if I was okay, but no one could get my foot out of the spokes on my tire because my foot was swelling.  Finally, the husband got wire cutters and cut the spokes to get my foot out.  And we continued on to the pool.

Seriously, if my kids had done that today, specifically Tenderheart, one, she’d never ride her bike again, and two, she’d have gone to bed for a week until her knees had heeled. What I did was go to the pool take my lesson and then sit there with ice on my foot, which I must have gotten from the concession stand.  This was life before cell phones.  My mom had no idea, and I didn’t even think of going home and calling her and missing out on a day of lessons and the pool.  I’m sure I just walked my bike home after we were done in my broken flip flop.

And going back to last week’s post, I’m 200% sure my dad had no idea that even happened to me.  We only wrote letters, no calling, and I’m sure I didn’t write it to him, what a hassle.  I wonder how he found out I broke my arm when I was five or wrecked my mom’s car when I was 17 or about my sister’s appendicitis.  I don’t ever remember him coming to see us, only us flying to see him with my grandpa.  It’s weird that all my memories have my mom and only very few until I was grown have my dad.

If this would have happened current day, I’d have texted everyone I know to make sure they knew I had been in an accident and I was fine, and everything’s good.  Maybe ignorance really is bliss.


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  1. Sister Sherri

    You’ll never lose me to June. 🙂 And I remember walking your bike home. It was a long walk.

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