If I ran the world…

I’m sitting at the DMV, where I feel like I spend most of my life. Why can’t they get this figured out so it doesn’t take so long?  I’m C217 and they’re on C194, but I keep hearing A something and B something and I have no idea what those are. Luckily I stopped at Sonic happy hour so I have something to drink and I have my cell phone so I’m never bored. The man next to me is texting in a different language. It’s freaking me out. 

It’s my first day of a week vacation and I’ve already had four texts from my worker and three from my boss. Happy vacation to me!!  It’s my first full week in four years, can’t you people do anything without me?

This lady is on her phone and she’s saying, it’s packed. We’re in it for the long haul. Same, lady, same. 

Tenderheart is working freshman orientation at school as a link leader and she’s so far out of her comfort zone I thought she was going to have a panic attack this morning. Her first day of school is tomorrow and I’m not going to be there for it because we’re leaving early to move Moonshine to college. It’s the first time I’ve had to leave her like this and that’s really far out of my comfort zone. 

We had a going away party this weekend for Moonshine and there were a lot of people. I love having big parties as long as everyone goes outside to play volleyball and they’re not hanging out in the house but it was hot and Moonshine is fighting a virus so she didn’t feel good. So there were eight people across my sectional watching the Olympics at one point and the rest in the dining room and kitchen. 

We’re at C197 and the guy on the other side of me is watching a video with his wife, sound on full blast. Where am I??  I wish you were here to see this menagerie of people. 

In the spirit of made up stats, 85% of these people have no idea what they need. Omg. Now he’s watching some kind of telemundo. Why?

I love the guy who yelled bingo when they called his number and proceeded to tell everyone he’s from New York. Oh wow, C199 ran right up. We’re cooking now. And it’s so interesting when I said, Hey, I’m going to the DMV, no one wanted to come with me. It’s weird. And why are the seats not more comfortable?  I’m probably going to be sitting here for two hours. 

If I ran the world, this would go much more smoothly. And someone would tell this New York guy he’s no comedian. 


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