I need those statistics stat

Moonshine broke up with Beaux last week.  There was fighting and stress about leaving for college and it was too much.  Then they talked about getting back together but she just couldn’t do it and when he called after work and said he wanted an answer on getting back together, she told him she couldn’t and he hung up on her. She came out of her room at 11 at night crying hysterically.  She didn’t want to hurt him, she thought they could still be friends, but he was mad.  I told her if she didn’t feel it in her heart and her head to be able to say, Yes, 100% yes, then she made the right decision.  She’s been so torn.

And listen, I was Team Beaux.  I really like the guy.  However, I also liked Tenderheart’s boyfriend at first so I’ve been told I have terrible taste in boys.  Here’s what I know, nothing.  But she said, their relationship should be the least stressful thing in her life right now and it turned out it was the most.  They’re so young, and navigating a long distance relationship is really hard.  But when it comes down to it, I feel awful.  I hate that she hurt someone, I hate that she hurts.  High school/College relationships are really hard to watch and I know they’re hard to be in.  She took a year and a half to date someone else after her boyfriend Allyn broke up with her two weeks after going to college.  Maybe it’s better to do it before, I don’t know.

I told her it might not be over, he might still want to be friends, but she just cried while I held her.   Who knows how it will turn out.  A part of me wants her to go to college free and clear and not have to worry about a boyfriend to stay in contact with, one foot back here in Colorado.  They wanted different things, he wanted to get married and have kids and she doesn’t know if that’s something she wants to do with her life.  And she shouldn’t have to decide that right now, she has plenty of time.  They’re so young, but his parents married young and had seven children, that’s what he wants, maybe not the seven children, but she doesn’t know what she wants right now and she has time to figure it out. 

That doesn’t make her sadness any less. She still loves him. And he ended up coming over to get “one more hug” and that turned out disastrously, but I hope everyone can just keep moving forward. 90% of relationships is timing. And 76% of statistics are made up on the spot, but that timing thing might be pretty accurate. 

And I made Moonshine come to one more therapy session before she leaves to get it all out and get tips on how to move forward and I just pray every day she’ll be okay. She’s so strong, so much stronger than I ever was and I like to think I had a little hand in that. 


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