JoJo Needs Direction

In my quest to get Tenderheart out of the house this summer, she’s gone out with girls she wouldn’t normally hang out with.  She’s expanding her horizons, but to what end?  She has a friend from the tennis team who graduated this last May.  They have been really good friends for a couple of years and she’s the one we were going to see at work when we went and screamed.

Her name is JoJo and she moved out of her parents house right when she turned 18, even before she graduated and was living with a friend across town.  JoJo called a few months ago and had broken up with her boyfriend Brando and needed a place to stay. She came over in the middle of the night and stayed over because she didn’t have anywhere else to go and she’s been back and forth with this Brando ever since.  Even that night when she was talking to us, I was trying to be encouraging about being single and she said, Oh, Brando and I are still going to Vegas, we’ve already paid for the trip.  *eye roll*

Brando keeps cheating on her, but she keeps taking him back and when they aren’t together, she’s constantly talking about how she needs to be with someone.  Well, she really doesn’t. 

The other night she called and we had all gone to bed early sick so Tenderheart missed her call but the next day JoJo texted that she’d broken up with Brando again and this time it was over.  Like, over over.  Shhhhhure, I said.  JoJo said he had cheated again and she was unhappy and I said, Shhhhhhhhocking.

Today she came and got Tenderheart to take her shopping for her birthday.  And JoJo really needs a friend, I get it.  But I’m torn, like I was with Sunshine and Mary Jane between JoJo needing a friend and her being a really bad influence on Tenderheart.  I found out when Tenderheart got home that JoJo drinks, smokes pot, and shoplifts, but not when Tenderheart’s around, JoJo promised her.  Tenderheart said, You know that shirt she was wearing, stolen from Kohl’s.  Oh great.  She’s not going to college and she’s just going down the wrong path with no direction.

Tenderheart said, She just needs a friend to listen to her and I’m perfect because I don’t really have anything to say.  We all have that friend who you’re there for who isn’t really there for you.  That friend might be me.  So that’s where I’m torn because I know JoJo really needs someone, but are the values I instilled in Tenderheart enough to keep her safe from the influence of JoJo?  I think they are and they won’t be hanging out once school starts, but when you tell your daughter to go outside her normal group of friends, be careful what she brings back.


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