Still Looking for Hobbies

Do you remember when I told you about my work and the Tweedle who said I’m not going to like my picture because it’s awful?  It’s here.  She didn’t quite say it like that, but now I have to do a bio for the website and I’m freaking out.  What if in addition to having a horrible picture, according to the Tweedle, I also sound like a dumb dumb? What if I use the words, dumb dumb?  They wanted to know where I went to college, I didn’t graduate.  What I majored in, I didn’t.  Am I married, Nope.  Do I have kids, now we’re talking.  Where do you live, this is getting easier. Any pets, keep singing it, sister. And then, what do you like to do outside of work……….

Ummmmmm……well, I like to leave work and go home and sit on my sectional and watch TV and nap.  How’s that for my bio on the website?  What am I going to say??  I like to Netflix with no Chill?  Should I say, I was able to watch every episode of Lost in a two week period because I have no life and I was obsessed?  Or how about that I took notes during a binge watch of Dexter in case I ever had to fill out one of these forms?

I literally have no idea what I like to do.  And then they followed it up with, Do you have any hobbies?  Well, my favorite hobby is napping.  I literally can’t think of anything.  I don’t do anything.  I’m going to sound like a dumb dumb.  Moonshine started saying that and it makes me laugh every time.  I’m obviously not a dumb dumb, but it’s just fun to say.

I literally do nothing and I’m afraid they’re going to rethink my employment because I’m so boring and according to Tweedle, I’m not photogenic at all.

I never ask for comments, but please, give me some hobbies. Apparently I’ve been blogging about this FOREVER!


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  1. Whitney

    You crack me up! You do more than you think. You spend time with your girls and do lots of fun things with them. I think when you are an involved parent we tend to focus our spare time on them and their activities. I honestly can’t think of a hobby or activity that is truly just me anymore either but then I think of how fast our kids grow up and I am so happy that I can be a part of their lives. I look forward to resting and watching TV personally. It’s my unwind after all the other activities are done every day. It takes a lot to run a household. I’m sure you’ll think of something witty to put!!

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