Three Quarters of a Century

In honor of my dad who’s supposed to be 75 today, I’m posting THIS OLD BLOG and these pictures.

After my dad passed, I said something to my step-mom like, I just want to know if he would be proud of me.  And she said, He wouldn’t be anything, he’s gone.  Well, thank you, Captain Obvious.  A more humane response would have been a simple, Yes.

In 1991, post-disowning.

I think he’d be disappointed I don’t ride my bike anymore.

Bike Picture

We used to ride bikes every afternoon after work.  I actually hated it.  Not while I was doing it, but the working all day, getting through traffic, sometimes forgetting a bra, hassle of doing it every afternoon.  I loved the results though, just check out those legs (I told you I used to be cute).  He helped me pick out that bike and it was more than my rent at the time.  I still have it hanging in my rafters for the day I’ll get back on it.  Sometimes I dream of just riding and never coming back.

He’d probably be disappointed in how my life turned out though, I’ve really made a mess of it.   But I wonder if he’d be proud that Moonshine’s going to be a Sooner. She’s pictured here at 9 months.  I wonder if he’d help her out at all in trying to achieve her dream of being a Sooner.  She’s going to do it anyway, but it’s going to be a lot of work and sometimes I wonder if he would have set up some kind of college fund for them if he’d had more time.  Yeah, probably not.

Christmas Kasey



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