Boys be Trippin’

I have a story.  It’s about my friend, Karma.


So, did you hear Tenderheart had a really bad breakup this year?  Well, she did.  It’s been six months and she’s so much better and has had an amazing summer, but we had some really dark times.

Okay, so follow along, I promise, there’s no math.

Tenderheart’s ex, who had a cool name I’ll never use again, broke up with her on her way out the door on a Sunday in January, like on his porch as I was waiting in the car to pick her up.  She handed back the peach cobbler his mom made for her and said, You’ve got to be kidding me.  This was the second time he broke up with her and he said if they still had feelings for each other in a month or so they can get back together.  He then went about spreading rumors and talking about her and it turns out he was not a nice guy.

On the Wednesday after they broke up, he took a girl I’m going to call Lace to Starbucks before school and then Friday night he took her to Chipotle.  He had been talking to Lace for a few months and Tenderheart was suspicious, but her ex would say, You’re crazy, I don’t date blondes. blah, blah, blah.  Of course, everyone who saw them that morning at Starbucks was so excited to run to school and tell her.  It was actually really sad because after 14 months together, he had moved on so fast, contributing to my theory that he should have broken up with her three months before he did.

Things didn’t work out with the ex and Lace for whatever reason and he never actually dated her, they just went out those two times.  Soon after that, Lace starts dating JT.  Turns out, JT is not a good guy either, but she’s with him almost six months.  Lace and Tenderheart had been friends before so they’ve talked a little over the summer.  JT broke up with Lace about a week ago and asked a mutual friend for Tenderheart’s contact information.  JT then asked a brokenhearted Lace to put in a good word for him with Tenderheart so she’ll go out with him.  He then snapchatted Tenderheart to see if she’d go see a movie with him.  What a piece of work!!  I can’t even imagine the nerve of that guy.  But a part of me says, How interesting.

So let me get this straight.  Your boyfriend broke up with you and then immediately wants to take out another girl.  That must just break your heart.  But isn’t that what happened in January when you were the other girl?

Tenderheart told JT, Absolutely not and to stop messaging her.  She told him it makes her uncomfortable that he just broke up with someone else and already wants to date her.  She said she’s not the kind of girl who would do that to her friend, even though technically her friend did it to her. (I added that part)

And good for Tenderheart.  First of all, I know personally about four girls who dated JT so I wouldn’t have let Tenderheart go out with him, but also, she said she’s already dated a guy like that and doesn’t want to date another one.  So Lace texted her today and asked if JT was trying to date her and she said he was but that she’d never go out with him.  Lace told her it would be okay if Tenderheart wanted to but Lace would have to distance herself because she was still too heartbroken, and Tenderheart said, Yeah, I know exactly what you mean.

And although I wish no ill will on a poor 16 year old girl who dated a loser and got her heart broken, I also said under my breath, Karma’s a bitch.





  1. Sister Sherri

    Sure would like to see a couple of nuns in this bunch! Heartbreak really sucks.

    • It might be too late for that, but I’ll keep praying.

  2. Whitney

    Karma. Karma. Karma. It will get you. I’m very proud of Tenderheart. These guys ..grr.

    • Some of these guys are like nothing you could ever imagine. I hope they get better by the time your daughters start dating because I can’t imagine how they could get worse.

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