Say What you Mean, Mean What you Say

I have a friend who has young kids and she told me once that she worries more about their social life than their school work.  She knows they’re going to be fine in school but she wants to make sure they’re developing the social skills they need to succeed.  Do they fit in? Are they invited to sleepovers? Do they have friends at school? Are they the “weird kid” or the “mean girl”?  It’s really hard to watch them grow and develop into the people they’re going to be.

I read an article about something more severe than a helicopter mom. I’m not going to get the story right, but apparently this mom got on the bus that was going to be taking kids to camp to save spots for her daughter and her five friends.  She wanted to make sure those six girls got to sit together in their little clique.  First of all, my daughter would kill me.  Second of all, I kind of get it, but that’s too extreme.  You do have to let them do that stuff for themselves.

I blogged about maybe being a helicopter mom (I’d go back and find it, but I name things weird and I’m not going back that far), but I think know I am with Tenderheart.  My sister would say I “manage” her life.  And I kind of do.  I like to say it’s keeping her on track, but sometimes it’s too much.  But then I’ll start to back off a little because she pisses me off and then she calls me because she’s forgotten her jazz shoes and will I run them over to poms practice.  Damn it, I’m just a mom who can’t say no!!  In my defense, I have no defense, I told her the next time she’d go without because I’d told her the night before to have her stuff together because they’re doing early practices and she doesn’t function well in the morning.  And next time I will say no, won’t I?

I was called out on Twitter tonight for unfollowing someone.  First of all, I have 28 followers on Twitter and I either know them all or they haven’t tweeted since 2011.  My account is private and someone asked to follow me a while back, probably based on something I’d retweeted, I don’t even know.  Anyway, I unfollowed her tonight and she sub-tweeted that she just loves when people unfollow her because of her political stance and she @’d me in another post about who I’m voting for.  Well, first of all, I’m not going to be part of that narrative (to quote Taylor Swift), and I don’t even know that lady.  Second, I’ve said a million times, I’m not political at all.

And I had actually retweeted a couple of things she’d said because she was funny, but I already semi-tolerate my friends and family who have crazy political views on Facebook, I don’t need to do that with a perfect stranger on Twitter.  I tried to message her, but I blocked her and reported that tweet.  Listen, I’m private for a reason, I’m not getting into it with some rando on social media.  Let’s move on, nothing to see.  Social media is going to be the demise of civilization.  Hey, look, I was able to find that post!!  Nope I wasn’t.  I might need to rethink these titles.



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