Welcome to Red Rocks!

I’m trying to take little weekend family trips before Moonshine goes to college and this last Sunday we went to Red Rocks.  I have been fascinated by Red Rocks since I saw the video of U2 singing Sunday Bloody Sunday when I was a kid.  Did you know MTV used to play music videos?  In fact, the M in MTV is for MUSIC!  Tell me more, Grandma Christy.  Oh, I could tell you lots of things.

A few weeks ago we tried going to Red Rocks to do some hiking, but first, I’ll remind you of this post, which I looked a little too long for, Who Wants to be Hard Core? It was about when I wanted to be hard core and do this exercise at Red Rocks.  They have a ton of events there besides U2 concerts.

When I first moved to Colorado, the first concert I saw was Motley Crue, not at Red Rocks, but the first concert I did see at Red Rocks was something country and amazing.  It’s a gorgeous venue, you really can’t beat it unless it’s raining or you have to park in a lower lot and climb the stairs.  I’ve seen Toby Keith there, George Jones and Lori Morgan (i’m 100), and we’ve gone with friends and family from out of town just to hike around it.  Gorgeous.

Back to a few weeks ago.  I took Moonshine, Tenderheart, and one of her friends to Red Rocks to look around.  What I didn’t do was look at the schedule to see if there was a concert.  FAIL!  We got there and they’d already turned the upper lot into a handicap lot and had the gates closed unless you had tickets to Bob Dylan, which we did not.  This is the pic we got that day of Tenderheart and her friend:


That day was my fault and I vowed that wouldn’t happen again.

So this last weekend when we were going, I actually looked on the website to see the schedule, and there was some kind of electronic dance festival, but the website made sure to note that it was open until 2pm to visitors.

Moonshine had to take her math placement that morning so I had everyone else get ready and we left around noon.  We got there at 12:44 pm.  Yay!!  We have like an hour to walk around and do this pose they wanted to do and then go to lunch and go home to watch Wimbledon.  Might not be your perfect day, but it was going to be fun.


We showed up at 12:44 pm and walked up one flight of stairs to the entrance and this woman was closing up the gates.  She was yelling at people that they’re closed and not to go in and she’s pulling these gates over to block the entrance.  She’s very rude.  Something about having a reflective yellow vest made her become an aggressive asshole, or she just always is.

Everyone was standing there confused, and I said, but the website says it’s open to visitors until 2 and she yelled, “I don’t care what the website said, we’re closed.”  To which I said, Then why have a website?   She had no answer except to yell some more about how they’re closed.

But really, why go on there and specifically say, “Open to visitors until 2pm” if your “security” doesn’t care what the website says.  Why give a  specific time if we’re at the mercy of some power hungry security guard who couldn’t possibly care less, she literally cares as little as possible?  And some people just kept walking in and she yelled, I know you can hear me and she made them come back out.

In hindsight, I wish I would have said, “Listen, your website says 2pm, it’s 12:44 so I’m going to walk right in for 10 minutes so we can get this picture and then I’m going to walk back out.”  She wouldn’t have even let me get the first part out, but I should have told her to just arrest me.  I’d have been gone before the police even got there, but I’d have been yelling, YOUR WEBSITE SAID YOU’RE OPEN UNTIL 2!!!

So we called the number to complain, but that was a dead end, and every review I saw said, excellent venue, amazing views, and yes, but service was terrible so I set up a Yelp and went to town.  I’m sure it won’t do anything, but I feel better.  I’d feel better if that rhymes with brunt lost her job, or if they’d update their website correctly when there’s a concert, but you can’t always get what you want.  And a more clever blogger would have tied in a U2 lyric, but I got nothing.  Actually, I have this pic!


And listen, I’m nobody.  I can go to Red Rocks any time I want. Who I did feel bad for was the out-of-towners whose only representation of our beautiful Red Rocks is the rudest lady on the planet.  How about some compassion?  Why couldn’t she say, listen, they’re making me close up early, but why don’t you stand right over there and take a peek or get your picture.  Some people had traveled a long way to get there only to have a lady yell in their face about how it’s closed.

Welcome to Colorado!  Come for the scenery (and weed), leave when the witch at Red Rocks yells in your face.


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  1. Oh! Canada

    “…rhymes with brunt..” 😂

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