Peach Punching Tuesday

I’m going to make this Peach Punching Tuesday.  I could go back and try and find the text between Birdie and Oh! Canada to tell you why we called it “Peach Punching”, but who has time for that?

The swooper posted something on Facebook about how they had to put their dog down.  Tragic…seriously.  It’s awful when that happens.  They had bought the dog for his wife’s youngest daughter she doesn’t have custody, but the girl visits them during the summer.  Just a quick recap, she went to prison when her oldest daughter was like 5 and she was there for six years.  She got custody back of one of the daughters but the oldest son and youngest daughter stayed with her mom in another city forever.  That’s when she came into our lives and my husband was so helpful in getting her back on her feet and then on to her back. The oldest daughter came to live with her and recently got knocked up at a rave.

The swooper moved out for good in 2006 and never looked back  until we got divorced in 2008 when he asked me to give him three more months to decide if he wanted to stay with Felony Melanie or come back to me.  I said, no.  He used to tell the girls all the time that he’d come home if I’d just let him.  Sunshine knew that wasn’t true, but I think Tenderheart used to be angry with me because she thought it was.

Okay, slow forward to three months ago, I promise I have a point, when they get her youngest daughter a dog, probably so she’ll still come visit them during the summer because they’re losing kids over there all the time and no one goes to visit.  They got a boat, they have all kinds of fun stuff, but they’re still the same people they’ve always been.

So this is the dog who died a few days ago.  Again, very sad.  However, they posted on their Facebook, “It’s the hardest thing we’ve ever had to go through.”  Huh?  Really?  The hardest?  Ever? You’ve looked back over your whole messed up life and thought, This is the hardest thing we’ve ever gone through?  Interesting.  And I know it’s just something people say but it just seems like it’s in poor taste when you’ve done so much other stuff.  And save your cards and letters, I know it’s hard to lose a dog.  My sister says my house is where pets come to die.  And when these two die, I’m never going to recover.


But the hardest things I’ve ever gone through are , in no particular order, lose my marriage, lose my house, raise my three children on my own, make sure they’re decent people, let them grow up and worry about them every second of every day.  I’m sure the list will be much longer.

Someone posted on their Facebook wall about how hard it is to co-parent.  Maybe the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do in your life is let your kids go and not fight for them.  Maybe it should be not co-parenting or even trying. I mean, thank you, because you made my life a million times easier than what some of my friends are going through, but if I had to judge, which I don’t even though I do, the hardest thing in my life would be when my children stopped talking to me.  Think about that.


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  1. Oh! Canada

    I remember who the peach was that we wanted to punch! Can’t remember specifics as to why but I can guess! 😂

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