The root of all evil: Donuts

As I was trying to post something else, which I’m still working on, we got into a fight over donuts.  It’s so ridiculous, I can’t even stand it.  I wanted to try the new place but the other two who live here didn’t want to and then Tenderheart said something snarky and then said, never mind when I asked her to repeat it, and I lost it.  Then she tweeted something snarky about me instead of saying something to me and am I the only person who thinks you shouldn’t be able to talk shit about me on a device I’m paying for?  I’m over it.  Over all of them.

That was how our whole day went and I don’t know how to get it back and I’m so sick about it.  I laid in bed for 10 minutes wishing death upon me and my enemies.  And now Tenderheart is pouting in her room until she goes to work, not cleaning it, mind you, just laying on her bed pouting…or wishing death upon me and all her enemies.  Who knows? Good.  I have a past due notice on our cell phones and I’m debating even paying it.  I’m so sick of being disrespected in my house and not getting any help around here.  Yes, I could do everything myself, but should I have to?  Should I have to ask you to help when you live in this house and see what needs to be done too?

So this was a serious escalation regarding donuts, but I guess that happens sometimes when you’re dealing with life.

Update: As I was waiting for this to post, Tenderheart came running downstairs yelling, Momma, momma, momma.  I panicked.  Even though I was mad at her and she was mad at me, when she needed me, she forgot all of it.  She had hit her eyeball with her eyeliner and had a black streak down the white part and some of the eyeliner pencil in there and her eye was swelling up.  I got the stuff out and wiped off her eyeball and she was fine. Then I said, Can we talk about how you were snarky all day, but when you need me, you come running?  She apologized and thanked me and went to work.  All is right with the world again…until next time.


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