Has anyone seen “my people”?

The reason I was so nervous to send Moonshine to camp last week was because of this post:  Moonshine’s Last Attempt at a Camp

Remember when I forced her to go to that Latina/o leadership camp last year?  And I’m sure you remember the follow-up when I told you she most certainly did NOT thank me for making her go and told me it was a waste of time better spent working.  Mmmm’kay then.

But this camp was her idea.  They strongly recommend it for students, but they have to pay and it’s expensive.  She used her graduation money, but her roommate said she can’t afford to go to it. So basically, Moonshine paid to go to this three day camp to be immersed in college life and tradition and to meet new people.  Unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to find her “people”.  As in, I’m having fun and have met some really nice people, but I can’t find “my people”.  Her camp roommate is complaining about the conditions of the bathroom and can’t believe she’s going to have to live in those conditions for a whole year.  Moonshine rolled her eyes and said, rich people.  Then Moonshine said she might know where her people are so she’s joining the Equality Club.  Those are Moonshine’s people.

There’s no way I can explain this without offending you so you can move on  or keep reading, your choice.

We went to a Sooners in Colorado barbecue to meet the other students from Colorado who were going to OU.  I had no idea this club existed, but it was really cool.  However, we were the only school from Aurora, the only lower income school and she was the only non-white person there.  I’m white so I was able to get her in.  Kidding.  And I was proud to be representing an Aurora school.  In fact, one of the dad’s came up to her after they introduced themselves and he had graduated from her school and it was pretty cool.  Of course, she’s not very friendly to older men because they scare her so she was startled, but I made sure he knew how great it was that he’d come over and shared that.

There were a bunch of blond, athletic, boarder-type guys but she was drawn to the kid who was smaller, he was sitting alone, and he didn’t look like he belonged to anyone.  That’s “her people”.  She likes the disenfranchised, the stray puppies, the overlooked, the ones who don’t fit with anyone else.  My girl is the one who makes other people feel like they fit somewhere. She sent a pic and she was completely surrounded by boys.  And I sent the pic to Tenderheart and didn’t say anything, but she sent back, Of course she’s completely surrounded by boys.  And then Sunshine said the same thing on a different thread.  We know our Moonshine.

She texted me during the Decades Dance and said, I tried to party but it’s really not for me so some friends and I went to watch Zootopia.  I said, At least you tried.  But then she snapchatted two videos of everyone singing to the music and it seemed like she had a great time.

Just a short, my-kids-don’t-think-I-know-anything thing: We went to the thrift store for the Decades Dance because she decided she wanted to dress ’80s.  She said she wanted to look like she was trying but not trying too hard and we set out.  She started picking up this weird stuff and I would say, No, that’s not it and she would accuse me of being negative.  Well, first of all, I lived the ’80s so shouldn’t you be listening to me?  And second of all, the stuff she was picking up was old, but not ’80s.  Third of all, there was a bird in the store and Tenderheart swore it was “swooping” at her so she was ducking and diving the whole way through the place and was a little distracting.

I told her ’80s is a lot of denim and bright colors and shrugs and high ponytails but she wouldn’t buy the denim mini skirt.  She thought I was crazy and was trying to find a “bomber jacket” to wear around her waist.  I have no idea what she thinks, a bomber jacket in Oklahoma in July???  Anyway, we got to this:

And she said she fit in perfectly.  After the dance I asked her if she was glad she went and if she had fun and she said, “Yes it was fun.  I enjoy the friends I’ve made but sadly still not my people.”  I told her she’s going to have to deal with a lot of people her whole life so she’d better get used to it now.


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