Here’s another spoiler alert for you

When my dad called to tell me he had pancreatic cancer, I was like, Okay, let’s get that pesky pancreas out of there and start the chemo. Awwww, naive Christy, I miss her. I had no idea. He had a blood clot in his leg….period. That was the symptom that got him to the doctor. And it had only been a couple of days. We were supposed to go on an Alaskan cruise and the doctor said he couldn’t fly and ordered an mri.

I didn’t understand the severity and he was so upset about it, he couldn’t talk to me so he gave the phone to my stepmom. She said something about hospice and I told her I didn’t understand and asked her if he was dying and she said…get ready for it…”We’re all dying, Christy.”  SPOILER ALERT!!

I’ll never forget it. I literally had to go to WebMD to find the disheartening truth that yes, we’re  all dying, he’s just going faster than the rest of us. Like way faster. Like in the next three weeks. Had I really comprehended that and understood he wasn’t going to try any treatment, I might have done some things differently. Like when I took the girls down the following week, I would have told them not to tell him you’ll see him again the next week, because that’s haunted them that he might have been waiting for them to come back. Of course he wasn’t but it was hard for them to understand.

I would have also gone to Phoenix immediately instead of waiting. I would have met with his doctor and tried to find some kind of experimental treatments, I wouldn’t have let him go down without a fight because that’s haunted me.

We do a pancreatic cancer walk every year with Purple Strides, except this one because I didn’t have the money and then I hurt my foot, and there are survivors. Every year I’m fascinated by them. And every year there are more and more but there’s still a long way to go.

Here’s our team last year with my stepdad.


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