Happy Independence Day!

In the great words of President Thomas J. Whitmore, “Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!!”


I was watching John Oliver explain Brexit and he showed the two leaders who were encouraging Britain to leave the EU paraphrasing that line from Bill Pullman from Independence Day.  He reminded people that Britain was already independent.  He’s actually very funny and informative.

Our dogs are terrified of fireworks so every Fourth of July is fun.  I get it, I understand the appeal, but you’ll have to go back and see why I don’t enjoy fireworks, I did a whole post about it.  Okay, I got hit in the cheek with a pop bottle rocket when I was little, I guess that was it.  It was terrifying.  Also, they’re really expensive.  I’m far too poor thrifty to go spend money on something I’m going to set on fire. I might as well light my money on fire and make s’mores.

We usually go to our friend Heather Hola! ‘s house to set them off but the dogs are always safe in their kennels and they’re fine, but she’s out of town.  Also, this year we’re taking our dogs to my Cousin Cindi’s because we’re leaving early on the 5th to go to Moonshine’s college registration and I might actually get three full days off work.  *fingers crossed*

Enjoy your independence if you have it and stay safe!


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