Meet the Three Athetics

I have three daughters: Sunshine, Moonshine, and Tenderheart.  My faithful reader will tell you, I know.  Hi, sis!  But my three wonderful daughters are also known as the “athetics” .   Because they’re good at sports?  Nope, I didn’t say athletics although they are good at sports.

My three daughters are Sympathetic, Apathetic, and Empathetic.  In that order.  I’ve raised a couple of feelers. Sunshine feels bad for people and situations and volunteers at a domestic violence shelter.  Moonshine has no feelings, and only really feels bad for anyone who has a stutter and then she can’t handle it.  Tenderheart can feel what other people are feeling, really feels it.  She has such an amazing heart and I’ve always thought she should be a missionary or a teacher.  They’re such a mixed bag.

And it’s so interesting that these three are all so different but basically raised the same way in the same house.  However, at lunch today, Sunshine told me how badly I coddle Tenderheart.  As though I didn’t know.  Sunshine had her all weekend and told me that because I speak so much for Tenderheart that she doesn’t know how to make her own decisions.  Because she didn’t know if she wanted bacon or sausage for breakfast?  Well, first of all, it’s always sausage.  And second of all, she’s basically spent her entire summer without me, she’s getting so much better.

Now, she did go hiking with her friend and texted me to ask where they should go to lunch.  Yes, these are decisions she should make on her own and she’ll get there, she’ll get more confidence the more she does these things on her own and I think every time I help her with something then the next time she’ll know it.  Like when I helped her pack a lunch in a cooler for the water park.  She didn’t even think about how they’d eat lunch, but next time she will.  And when she goes hiking with her friend again, she’ll know where she should eat lunch.  I’m teaching her to do things with confidence and it’s a slow process, but I have coddled her, I freely admit it.

So she was raised differently than Sunshine because Sunshine had all kinds of responsibility early on.  Good or bad, it’s how it was.  However, they’ll all get to the same place, just maybe at different times.

Hiking at Castlewood Canyon

Look at little Tenderheart.  I could tell she was trouble even back then.


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