It’s Like Talking to a Brick Wall

This weekend marks my 26th anniversary as a Coloradan.  I actually came here before pot was legal so everyone flocking to the state now can just keep driving to Oregon, there’s enough people here, thanks.

So 26 years ago, this 19-year-old idiot packed up everything she owned in a 1981 Ford Mustang and drove as fast as she could to get away from a really bad boyfriend.


Just look at her.  Someone please tell that girl to make good choices.  Tell her she’s not fat and to go back to school.  Tell her not to move her awful boyfriend up in a month from this picture, which will spiral her into another series of bad decisions.  Tell her to put up with her stepmom for a little bit so she can finish school.  Tell her she’s got it made in this picture, she has a whole new start.  Someone tell her!!

I’m sure no one could have told her anything, she had all the answers.  But another thing I’m sure you couldn’t have told her is that a mere 26 years (and one month) later almost to the day, she’s going to move her 18-year-old daughter back to Oklahoma for college to start her life, a whole new start.

Here’s what I’d say, Hey, Christy, first, you’re going to have three daughters you raise on your own.  (spoiler alert)  Second, when your middle daughter who has dreams of big things just like you graduates high school, you’re going to pack everything she owns in her 2003 Infiniti in the hottest month of the year, drive 10 hours, and move her into her dorm room.  That’s right, Christy, your stubborn, headstrong, amazing daughter is going to be an Oklahoma Sooner.



  1. Oregonian here. We have our own influx issues, thank you very much. Maybe OR and CO can band together to push for nationwide legalization so everyone can just stay where they are. Lol.

    Btw, do you have problems with the new transplants getting in all kinds of trouble in the wilderness? Oh, my! Seems like everyone’s a hiker now, but without the skills and knowledge.

    • I haven’t seen anyone having trouble hiking but our downtown has gotten really sketchy because they’re just smoking on the mall and starting fights. Yes, I’m a fan of the nationwide so they can stay where they are or let the crazies go to California when they legalize. lol

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