Updates All Around

Tenderheart spent this last weekend with Sunshine and they went to their concert.


They both deal with anxiety and don’t handle crowds very well, who does(?).  Let’s just say I don’t have to worry about either one of them in a mosh pit.  In fact, all the pics they took at the concert was from the very back of the crowd.  The club wasn’t that big so they could still see really well, and there were no seats.  So they found the bar, which Sunshine had already mapped, and they got in and found the perfect spot, towards the back against a wall by the sound guy.  Sunshine said it was the best spot in the house and they had an amazing time.

They almost lost their spot when they had to go to the bathroom.  Sunshine has anxiety until she finds her seat (or spot), the bathroom, and gets a water.  It’s like her psyche wants to make sure she can do everything her body needs to do in order to live and then she’s perfectly fine.  However, in their quest to find the bathroom, they almost lost their perfect spot in the back against the wall.  Now, I would question, who actually wanted that spot(?), but apparently it was prime real estate.  They asked this girl to stand there for them while they went to the bathroom and when they got back another girl was standing there.  When she saw Sunshine and Tenderheart, she gave them their spot back and went to find her friends, but it was pretty hilarious when Tenderheart said she thought she was going to have to fight someone for that spot.

Then Saturday they slept in and went to a couple of yard sales and thrift stores and a movie.  That’s when it fell apart because Sunshine called Tenderheart boy crazy and some kind of weird fight ensued.  But I was an hour away and didn’t have to hear it so, Yay for me!!

On the same night as the concert, this is what I was doing:


I think when we took Sunshine shopping for college we got too much.  We got like her shampoo and conditioner, razors, like everything she was going to need in case she was going to school where there was no Target, she wasn’t. So with Moonshine, we ended up just getting the essentials she “needs” for her dorm room and her cleaning supplies.  I said “needs” because she didn’t NEED the, “The Struggle is Real” plaque, but she got it.  And she didn’t necessarily NEED the baskets she got for her keys and phone or the weird laptop holder with a drawer for her desk, but she got it.  She also got Clorox wipes and a fluffy pillow for her bed, and her precious lamp and desk organizer so she was happy and we had a great time.

I have to quickly tell you about our receptionist at work.  I don’t know if I’ve told the story yet, but she’s literally the rudest receptionist I’ve ever met.  I keep saying, isn’t the receptionist for your company supposed to be nice and friendly?  Not at our company.  I won’t even go into the great hot chocolate debate and why it’s not impossible for them to supply 25 different coffee cups for their Keurig and it is to supply hot chocolate.  She may have applied for the job I had open, but I didn’t even consider her because she’s vacant, a void.  

So one day I walked up to the front and she was hugging a big white fluffy pillow.  And I said, What do you have? And she said, My fluffy pillow.  And I said, Okay.  She was hugging it, did you see where I said that?  She was sitting at the front desk as the face of our company hugging a huge white pillow.  I came back and asked my office mate what was up with the pillow, and she started laughing and said she has it all the time.  She’s also usually covered in a blanket.  Are we at a sleepover or work?  I know it gets confusing sometimes.

Anyway, Moonshine got a fluffy accent pillow for her bed so she can hug it but not in public.  And I don’t think it’s unrealistic to ask to meet her roommate before I leave Oklahoma, right?  She’s going to be living with my daughter and I’d just like to know who she is, even if just for coffee.  Moonshine moves in a week early and I can’t stay that long.  She lives in Oklahoma City and we can go to her, but I’d just like to meet her.  Oh, it’s happening.


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