Being single is where it’s at, USA

Because I am not what you’d call political, I debated on talking about this or not.  I have a lot of diverse tastes and I read a lot of news, some blogs, and listen to the Adam Carolla podcast at work.  He’s the only reason I make it through some of my days even if I don’t agree with everything he says.  See, I can not agree with you but still like you if you do it in an entertaining and non-aggressive way.

I’ve had to block a couple of people on Facebook because they’ve posted things that were so offensive I decided that we’d never be close friends.  Now, I’d still like to click on your profile to see any non-offensive/non-political pics you’ve posted and still would like to know what’s going on in your life, but I’m not going to see the rest of that crap every day.  And I actually unfriended a couple of people because we’d never be actual friends IRL.  I do have standards.

However, one thing that we can all agree on as a society is how we feel about Brock Turner. For those under a rock, he’s the Stanford swimmer who raped an unconscious woman behind a dumpster and received a sentence of six months in prison county jail.  I say rape although I’ve seen it reported as sexual assault, but let’s call it what it was.  Moonshine gets very emotional and she’s actually very afraid of sexual assault on campus.  I told her some poor college boy is going to come up and ask for her number and get tazed because she’s so scared…and she has a taser that’s also a keychain.

What that guy did was so disgusting and the six-month sentence was so appalling that no matter your political view, everyone agrees the whole situation is deplorable. Then the letter from his dad was like nothing I could ever do as a parent.  If I had a son, who I didn’t teach any better than to not rape an unconscious woman, I would never write a letter asking for leniency.  Now, he’d always be my son so I would visit him a couple times a year for the 15 years he SHOULD be in prison, but as for a letter to the court, that’s asking a lot.  The whole thing is so similar to the guy in Texas who claimed he shouldn’t go to prison for mowing down a group of people with his car because of his obvious “affluenza”.  And I think it worked until he and his mom ran to another country.  My kids roll their eyes and say, Rich people.

The thing that really got me on Facebook is even the people I had blocked because of their completely offensive political posts were up in arms about this guy and his sentence.  How in the world can we all agree on this and not who should be the next president?  And can’t we all just get along?

But one guy really got me.  I don’t personally follow him but because of the stupid Facebook posts where I can see everything you like, I can see this guy.  And I almost blocked the person who shared and liked his stuff because he posted a picture that was really offensive and just know it takes a lot to offend me.  Anyway, so it’s basically a friend of a friend and he wrote something that said he was a drinker in college, a self-described “overdrinker” and never, not once, in his four or five years of overdrinking in college did he ever even think about raping a woman.  Never.  Now this is a guy who posted a picture that was a visual representation of a presidential candidate kissing his ass, and even THAT guy, no matter how intoxicated, would not sexually assault an unconscious woman in college.  How much lower is that Stanford swimmer because he not only thought about, he did it.

With this, my quasi-political post is going to be over, but this is my favorite political post of the entire election:


And now we’re back to dealing with life.


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