Your Life is Still Hell

I told Moonshine if there was one thing I regretted, or maybe one of the things I regret about their childhood is that we couldn’t travel more.  I’m a single mom and have been for 10 + years and family vacations have been few and far between.  And I’ve never been able to take them anywhere for very long with just me.

Maybe it’s because I feel like everyone on Facebook is on vacation right now.  The beach, Cancun, Canada, and then my co-worker talking about how they had to cancel their yearly vacation because they’re buying a house.  Give me an effing break.  I can’t afford a vacation because of all this pesky debt.  And don’t get me wrong, I told you I’m going to Oklahoma in July and August and for some, maybe you consider that a vacation, and for you, I would consider you a mental patient.

And I’m not saying we haven’t had amazing vacations, my sister took us to Niagara Falls for my 40th birthday.  Most amazing trip and absolutely gorgeous.  I took Sunshine to New York with the help of my stepmom after my dad died because she always wanted to visit there.  My mom and stepdad took us to Disneyland to watch Sunshine dance.  My dad and stepmom took us to San Diego.  A choir trip with Moonshine to New York chaperoning 23 teens. And my kids spent summers in Oklahoma with my mom and they took them places: the lake, Michigan, Canada.

Here’s what I’ve been able to do. I took my kids to visit Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado for the night.  That’s where I was going to go to college.  And according to my stepmom, the biggest disappointment of my dad’s life was when I didn’t go there.  Seriously, ask her, she’ll tell you.  Sunshine really liked it, but it’s a College, not a University and it didn’t have exactly what Sunshine was looking for.  Now, it had scenery, don’t get me wrong, the most beautiful campus I’ve seen, but not a fit, and to be honest, not a high graduation rate, stepmom.

However, after watching six more episodes of Hotel Hell, I’m not sure staying in a cute little lodge is the way to go.  Two words, Yu CK.   OMG, in this new episode, he asked the innkeeper to get a facial and a makeover and a mani/pedi.  Yikes, Gordon, when you help me fix my life in your new series, “Your Life is Hell”, please send me for a spa day.  He just suggested she try Tinder.  I’m literally dying….figuratively.


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