The Land We Belong to is Grand

Moonshine got her college roommate and room assignment.  You’ll be happy to know she’s on the seventh floor.  Hello, elevators.  Sunshine moved into a dorm without air conditioning or an elevator and her room was on the third floor.  It was miserable.  Maybe it did have air conditioning, they just didn’t have it on that day.  It took us five seconds to realize our mistake in not taking a fan, I will not be making that mistake again in Oklahoma in August.

And listen, I realize I might be giving my home state a bad name when making fun of its heat and humidity, and it’s a lovely place for most of the year, I’m just not a fan of the summer unless I’m on the boat tubing in the water.  Moving boxes up seven flights of elevator just sounds exhausting.  The best part is because of her job she gets to move in early so the worst smelling thing in the elevator is going to be me.

Anyway, back to her roommate.  Wait, we were at Target the other night and she wanted to buy a lamp.  She’s nervous about college and she wants to buy stuff.  I’m all for it, but I thought a lamp was premature.  Mind you, we have to move all this stuff down there and there are Targets in Oklahoma, I know, that’s where my first job was.  So, I told her it was premature to buy a lamp and I’ve not heard the last of it.  You’d think I’d learn my lesson.

We are going shopping tomorrow for her college stuff and tonight, she wanted to read me the list.  I am working on being really positive because I am truly excited for her, I want her to go and do and conquer the world one dorm room item at a time, but as she was reading me her list, I made the mistake of telling her a desk organizer might be premature until she sees her desk.  Or keep the receipt because we’ll move everything down there and then if she doesn’t need it or wants something different, we’ll just take it back, no big deal.

Guess what was a big deal?  All of the sudden we’re no longer going shopping tomorrow night for college stuff because I’m too negative.  Listen, I swear to all that’s holy, I said it in the nicest way possible that maybe we get all the other stuff she needs, but when it comes to a desk organizer, maybe she gets there and figures out what kind of setup she wants.  Get a freaking lamp this time, get whatever you want, but maybe wait on that one thing.  Maybe I will learn when I’m dead what I should and shouldn’t say.  I’m adding this to the long list of questions I’m asking God when I get there.  Other questions include, Did my soulmate really die in a fire? Where did I go wrong? Why do good people do bad things? Why couldn’t I just shut up and let Moonshine get a freaking lamp and desk organizer?  And about that soulmate I was promised?

Okay, so back to her roommate.  She gets the assignment, finds her on Facebook, and sends her a friend request, which she accepts almost immediately.  Unfortunately, the assignments were sent out alphabetical by first name so Moonshine got hers early in the day and her roommate at the end.  After scouring her Facebook page and finding out she loves sloths and isn’t a racist (you can really find a lot about a person by the public stuff they share) she sends her a message and they’ve talked all night.  I’ll bet her mom is letting her get a desk organizer, money be damned.  And all this to tell you she loves her roommate and she’s from Oklahoma so she knows some people going and said she’d introduce Moonshine.  She even had one of her friends going send Moonshine a friend request so now she knows two people.

And her roommate, who I’m sure I’ll eventually give a name, seems very nice.  They have the same taste in TV shows, they both figured out they’re both sarcastic and have started talking about who’s bringing what.

I ended the night by telling Moonshine we most definitely are going shopping for her college stuff, we’ve already made plans.  I told her I would keep my opinions to myself and I would let her do as she likes with the most positive attitude I can muster.  At least this is going to give me another blog post.

She was actually pleased with me in this picture so I can’t wait to see what I get tomorrow night when we’re staring at desk organizers, whatever the hell she thinks those are.



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