I’m Going to Shout Never

I think the best thing about having siblings is having someone to go places with you.  A built-in friend if you don’t hate each other and even then hopefully you grow out of it.  My sister and I were watching the Tony’s in the summer of 1997.  I was in Denver, she was in Tulsa but we were watching over the phone and decided to plan a trip to New York.  It was absolutely amazing.  We want to plan a return in December of 2017. I love all things New York.

My kids all have friends, but in the case of a concert Sunshine wants to go to this summer, none of her friends like her same music; but since we’re all the same in this house, she knew Tenderheart would go with her.  And for Tenderheart’s birthday, Sunshine got her tickets to another concert that she knew she’d love to go see down where Sunshine lives.

I love when they spend the weekend together because none of them go see their dad anymore and it’s a nice break for and from me.So that means Friday night, Moonshine and I will be shopping at a Super Target near you for college stuff and Sunshine and Tenderheart will be seeing Never Shout Never somewhere near her. Tenderheart’s ex took her to see them last summer at an outdoor festival and Tenderheart had an awful time.  It was hot and crowded and they had to walk around to a bunch of different stages, her ex was mad at her the whole time, it just wasn’t her thing.  The one good thing he did was get her was a meet and greet, which actually was a really quick picture with the lead singer, who couldn’t afford a shirt.


Hopefully this time he’s been able to afford a shirt.

And speaking of Tenderheart’s ex, not pictured above,  he texted her before school was out to find out her schedule for next year.  They all had to fill out their “dream schedule”, which was a nightmare in and of itself and she posted a pic on her Snapchat story, which he saw, but texted her two days later to find out her schedule.  She asked, Why? He said, Just curious.  She said, I have link crew zero hour (which means nothing to you, or me for that matter), if that’s what you’re asking and he said, I’m honestly just curious.

She ignored him.  She talked to her counselor about it.  She shall be called HeidiHO!  And HeidiHO! said, Why would you want him to know everywhere you are next year, which was a good point.  I thought he might just want to know if they are going to have any classes together, and I’m sure that was most it, but why not just be honest and say it.  Oh, because honesty is not his best quality.  Anyway, slow forward to when I was waiting for this to post and he texted her after not talking to her for her whole amazing summer to ask her if she is going to be in DECA next year.

Now, DECA is part of the reason he broke up with her in December before getting back together just so he could break up with her again at the end of January.  She was supposed to do a presentation with him for DECA but it was due in a couple of days and they hadn’t started it.  It also involved them going to a conference in Colorado Springs and me paying $450, which I didn’t have right before Christmas or ever.  Now, if they had been working on it for all the months they had planned and she was really enthusiastic about it, I’ll work my ass off and get that $450 for you, but the presentation was due in three days, they were doing nothing but fighting, and I cancelled the trip for her.  He broke up with her the next week.

He was still able to present so it did him no harm, but she was already going to Nationals in Florida for Poms the week after the Springs DECA trip and I just couldn’t justify that money for something she wasn’t having any fun doing.  And to be perfectly honest, and I’ve said this before, he should have broken up with her at the end of October, you could see that’s how it was going…everyone could see how it was going. They weren’t presenting in Colorado Springs until February, which I knew was going to be a long shot of them staying together.  And as heartbroken as she was, she would never have gone on that trip and my $450 would have been lost anyway.

This was all a long way to get to today when he texted out of the effing blue to see if she was doing DECA next year.  Well, she isn’t.  But it’s not because of him.  Her principal tried to get rid of the business program at the end of this last school year but there was a revolt so they brought it back in a limited capacity and the only DECA class she could take is 7th period, which is her Poms class.  So goodbye, DECA, it was not fun because it was not helpful and/or informative and her teacher could not have been less interested in teaching the class after she found out she would not have a job next year.  And I don’t blame her a bit.  So I told Tenderheart to say, No. And then when he asks why, simply say, Poms.  And be done, done, done.


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