Where it gets a little morbid

This is my favorite picture.  It was at my cousin Cindi’s wedding.


This is everything you need to know about my children.  Moonshine is in the front.  She’s running carefree into the abyss.  She doesn’t even know what’s up there, she just knows it’s somewhere other than where she was.  Sunshine is next.  She’s more tentative, trying to stay on the path.  She’s cautious.  And then there’s little Tenderheart bringing up the rear.  She’s ready for what’s up there, but she’ll let everyone get there before she does.  She’s in no hurry.

This is my second favorite picture:

July 2000

My dad came up right after Tenderheart was born after moving to Arizona when I was pregnant with her.  He bought the matching outfits at The Children’s Place and also got me a double stroller with a board on the back where Sunshine could stand.  That stroller was a godsend.  He went with me to get these pictures and this was about 20 minutes of, “One, two, three, kiss”.  Tenderheart was two weeks old and so patient.  She was literally the most patient baby to have grown up to be the most impatient teen.

Parenting is so interesting because you have these little pod people you have to teach to be humans and have manners and you raise them all the same, but they end up so different.  They have their own minds and temperaments and personalities and it doesn’t matter that you raised them all the same, they are different people.  Some of them are purposely different because they don’t want to be lumped into a unit and some are just fine with the similarities between them.  Sunshine and Tenderheart say, We’re literally the same person.  And they are, but Moonshine will argue just to argue and prove she’s a completely different person.

I wonder sometimes if they weren’t related if they would be friends.  And then I hope beyond hope that even after I’m gone they still talk to each other.  Sunshine’s the glue.  You can tell already after I’m gone, it will be Sunshine who gets everyone together and keeps the traditions going.  The fortune cookie at the Chinese restaurant and the weird things I say.  How I pronounce wallet and the way I put my money in.  One day Sunshine took a picture of her wallet with the money in there the way I put it in and captioned it, Classic Mom.  They’re watching everything you do and I think they’ll carry on things that will make them think of me.


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