Christy’s no June

I have a favorite blogger.  Besides my cousin Cari who doesn’t blog anymore.  My favorite blogger is June with Bye Bye Pie.  She taught me the difference between everyday and every day, she told me how to live without spending money or eating pie.  She’s so interesting!  She posts every day and has something new to say and a lot.  I’m fascinated.  She does stuff like has a cool job and friends and goes out all the time.  She’s me, only interesting.  I feel like in another world, we’d be best friends.  We could live next door to each other and let our dogs play.  She doesn’t have kids, but she would love mine.


My sister and Sunshine are irritated with the carefree summer Tenderheart’s  having.  I’m thrilled.  She went to the amusement/water park with a new friend and had an amazing time.  Every day she has plans, I feel like it’s a win for her so she’s not sitting at home moping about how single she is and what her ex is doing.

But this posting every day challenge is getting to be a lot and making me realize I have no life.  I literally sat home working today wishing I was at the amusement park, and younger, and thinner, and more interesting.  I think I’m going to the grocery store tonight so I might have something cool to blog about tomorrow.  Fingers crossed, but expectations low.



  1. lol just read first few posts…. love it! thanks for sharing

    • Right!! She’s amazing!!

      • Sarcasm & dogs always get my attention hahaha 🙂

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