Lookout for Boys

As I was trying to find a daily post for every day in June, I’ve been reading back over my drafts where I’ve said something but it wasn’t good enough or finished, just like an idea.

I just found this post from five years ago. It was a prophecy about my little Tenderheart.

Prophetic Ending Words From Tenderheart

Tenderheart has been talking to a boy. A real live boy. As you know her heart was broken five months ago. There was a boy the night after her break up who told her the fastest way to get over someone was to get under someone else and he volunteered. He actually said, Casual sex will help you get over him. Who raises these boys? Their talking lasted a few months until she wouldn’t send him nude pictures and she told him she wasn’t interested in an actual relationship or casual sex with him.

There was another boy who really liked her but it was also right after her breakup, like the week of.  And he wanted to ask her out when they broke up in December but they got back together so he didn’t want to miss his chance this time. The problem was he was too much. And that’s from someone who likes a lot. He told her she was beautiful all the time, texted her long paragraphs about how he’s been in love with her since the sixth grade. It was too much for someone who just got out of an emotionally abusive relationship.

There was another one that she hung out with and played video games. He really liked her but she didn’t like him, she just wasn’t ready. So this new guy comes along and starts messaging her and she really likes him. The problem is he just got out of a relationship and he’s kind of a flirt. His game is good. Tells her how cute she is, talks to her late at night. She finally feels like she could go out with this guy and then he told their mutual friend he was getting back with his ex but didn’t want to stop talking to Tenderheart.

Well, number one, Tenderheart is no one’s back up girl. Her ex said in January, Maybe if we have feelings in the future. No. She’s not sitting on your backburner in case your relationship doesn’t work out. Next. Tenderheart sent this new guy a picture of the road with the caption, “Just heard you’re back with your ex. Good luck with that.” He told their mutual friend Tenderheart’s a savage and he loves it. Tell your story moving, buddy, she’s the lead in her story, not your backup.

Then we went to Lookout Mountain and did some light hiking because we’re really all we need.


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